Wednesday, 22 December 2010


I sometimes 'aphorise' that "Everyone has their price and I hope I am never offered mine". When we ARE offered 'our price', the nature of the transaction (goods/services/currency) can run the gamut. Broadly speaking, politicians such as Vince Cable, want to be 'somebody' - it was audibly apparent that his visitors fed that need. Mr Cable was 'bought'.

From the wider perspective: the cleverness of modern life has enabled a level of globally generated experience, for which we are ill prepared; the flesh (brain capacity) is willing, but the mind (competence) is weak. Indeed, we are still 'The Ape Confused by Language', who has further compounded his plight, by eschewing wisdom and dispensing with philosophy. Immaturity is endemic.

It is entirely possible that The Ape and 'Cerebral Civilian' (to go 'a bit Bunyan') ARE INCOMPATIBLE, and the conflict between the two will endure till one or both leaves the field. However, while the current situation prevails, is it not our immaturity, that allows tyrannies to arise?

How could a wise, philosophical society, ever come to elevate a Blair, Brown or Cameron (desperate, posturing POLITICIANS) to near-absolute power? Why would aware individuals allow PARTIES to pre-select their representatives; how could they, knowingly, vote for a rosette and accrue a (whipped) rosette-stand? Would a competent society, stand by and watch war used as a tool of peace, at the drop of a sound-bite?

Globally, The Ape Confused by Language is focused on the MECHANICS of DOING, having lost sight of the 'intangibles' of BEING. And the whole unholy mess is laved with religious incongruities and strife. I still 'amuse' myself, railing at it all, and testing my ingenuity in trying to see a way out. Well - it passes the time from uninvited birth to perversely delayed death.


Thursday, 16 December 2010


Across the world, and as far back as we can perceive, man has bombed his mind with a range of substances. Why? My best guess is that the mind of the Ape Confused by Language has just three dominant modes: BORED, IN PAIN, BOTH.

Being too clever for his own good, man always discovers one or more natural substances that interact with his brain chemistry, to alter its 'state' to CHEERFUL, ELEVATED or ASLEEP. He goes on to be a USER, DEPENDENT or ADDICT, with slow destruction of mind and body as the price to be paid.

In Britain we have deeply established, state-condoned (taxed) tobacco and alcohol, these two have 'opened the way' (culturally, psychologically and physically) for intake of a range of other substances. Cleverness has led on to synthetics.

Before ANY authority-figure pronounces on their pet initiative for tackling drug-use, which includes alcohol, THEY SHOULD DECLARE THEIR OWN STATUS. Few are 'clean'

The irony in all this is that having, and using, one's mind can be immeasurably rewarding, yet the higher faculties are the first to shut down under alcohol. (The Ape-drives being the last to flicker out, as unconsciousness descends.) I might just point out, the even greater irony of Islamic prohibition! (Blessed are the wine and cheese makers?)

So: if we try to tackle drug use, without first understanding WHY we cannot endure the mind we are stuck with, then we are as addicted to deckchair shuffling, as we are to 'substance use'. But then - virtually ALL politicians are users and, what is more, I have never seen one who wants to SUCCEED, so much as he wants to ANNOUNCE and MAKE SPEECHES, regardless of ultimate outcome.

When did Parliament last address the fundamental make-up, and drives, of The Ape Confused by Language?

Friday, 10 December 2010


'Interfaith Blair', is the bellwether. With his usual gut-instinct for maximum platform space and paid claptrap, he has positioned himself ACROSS ALL FAITHS. What a performer - what a performance!

But his adroitness serves to demonstrate the global disaster that is faith itself - any and all faith. All babies KNOW there is a higher power. As children it is reinforced (or not) in terms of deity. Maturity (as with Santa and the Tooth Fairy) SHOULD leave faith behind - BUT MANY DO NOT MATURE SUFFICIENTLY.

In the past, fighting THEM on religious grounds was in keeping with the general state of understanding - today it is incongruous. But our immaturity means that, instead of leaving dogma, ritual and SPECIAL STATUS behind, we get The Church of Dawkins - every bit as rabid and illogical as the rest.

Just as affluence is seen as the new 'pill' (deterring pregnancy) surely philosophy and wisdom would 'deliver us from servile' (to observance of every wretched kind). Until this is achieved, I declare the Dark Ages to be still in progress.

Saturday, 4 December 2010


As I type this, all across Britain, there are lives trapped in bodies that refuse to die, guarded by laws thay say they must 'live'. For farm animals and pets, lives that share all our physical function and pain, there is no such protection. Some wild animals even have special rights.

But of all the animals, we are the ones who keenly understand the entrapment of old age and disease, being in no doubt that it can only get worse unless death brings release. Many of us want to die according to the parameters we specify, not those of a sadistic State Nanny.

Who in their right mind would demand that this torture should continue? Does God like to watch old people die a degrading death? Do care home companies give large donations to political parties, demanding continuance of the status quo? Would a significant number of care workers be unemployed, and riot, if the number of living-dead were reduced?

Look into the eyes of my brother, 'celebrating' his 77th birthday after living a full 6 months more than he wished, following a disabling stroke. He had another six weeks to endure when this photo was taken. (The staff were kindness personified but could not give John his dearest wish.)

Look into his eyes. See the resignation and despair. The NHS tricked him into this situation while I (his confidant and champion) was absent. Look, and wonder, at the motivation of our government.

Thursday, 4 November 2010


Today I heard a touching story
A caring woman - sought no glory
But heard of need in Africa
The plea of some young teenager
For light to study after dark
The other choice was clearly stark:
They just recited simple tales;
How one against the other pales!

The woman tried and tried once more
Till solar light found that far door.
And by return came utter joy
From one enlightened native boy.
He said: “They all come to the light
To read their school books in the night.
Our learning hunger is appeased
I’m famous – and ancestors pleased.”

But I am left in no small doubt:
Would spirits could such light blow out!

Tuesday, 19 October 2010


"I came into politics to bring about: a better deal for children/women/minorities/world peace/small furry animals" etc. How often we hear such from our cipher rosette-stands. Never: "I came into politics with a sense of inadequacy that I hoped a position of power (if I ignored the rosette-vote) might help."

But what do the police say? "I have the right to remain silent" perhaps?
Do we know what motivates individual police? If we investigated - would we have a police-force left? Social workers? Military? Doctors? Nurses? 'Care workers'? ALL who directly impact on other humans, and their lives, from a position of power/influence?

So much of life we do not let into full consciousness. Those of us who have been put through the mangle of one of the 'controlling' institutions above (or in combination) have some idea of the unsuitability of many individual practitioners, and the distressing (minimum) consequences. (The voice of the falsely imprisoned, is another not heard.)

We have the tools, but we dare not finish the job. Only when politicians lose sleep over such issues might a change come. But, for that, we need a new breed of politician.

Friday, 15 October 2010


At General Election we are, ostensibly, able to act to achieve three things. 1) To install a local MP. 2) To vote out a local MP. 3) To vote in the party of choice.

In reality, voters only choose between ROSETTES (i.e. parties) and only in the most extreme circumstances does the 'rosette stand' candidate, make any difference to the voting numbers. Only in marginal seats, are MPs likely to be unseated, and then almost always in terms of the rosette carried. Anyone voting for a PARTY, will get whatever MP carries that rosette, even if parachuted in from several counties distant - a true rosette stand. I would not call this REPRESENTATIVE democracy.

Yet those who seek to become MPs, seem unfazed by the disgraceful picture above. They 'sign up' to a party, carry the rosette, and if successful act, for all the world, as if they are PERSONALLY chosen. What kind of mentality accepts power on those terms, and self-aggrandizes under that ethos? There are 640 of them in Westminster, and I strongly suspect there is a 1:1 link with the foregoing analysis, and a Britain that has fouled its nest, in so many ways, we are all 'in it together' - neck deep.

That the indigene is now second or third class, and that services are staffed by Manglish speakers, and that our borders are open to any number more immigrants, is surely a direct consequence of a Parliament composed of inept party ciphers?

Tuesday, 21 September 2010


Integrity and perceptiveness are attributes ONLY of maturity. In an immature world, the needy child tends to sell snake oil to the lost ones. (That's our Tony!)

We - The Ape Confused by Language - 'don't do' (can't do) complexity. We are designed for low-tech survival, against the odds.

Approaching our ills at the level of money, commerce, technology etc, is too shallow a pitch, but the Globopoly Board has been printed-up in bright colours and embraced by our 'leaders' with such squares marked on it. They will play 'within the lie' and we shall 'take our medicine' - probably till cataclysm arrives.

Thursday, 26 August 2010


Those who aspire to govern us with instant 'Honour', see nothing wrong in accepting large (compromising) donations to amass 'war chests' with which to coerce the electorate into voting for their chosen faction.

No surprise then that notionally 'ethical' charities see no problem in paying high rewards to chuggers, who skilfully coerce ordinary citizens, caught ill-prepared in their high streets.

Corruption begets corruption. Nothing will change while the Westminster Ethos holds sway. It must be dismantled. Where to begin?


Thursday, 19 August 2010


I hear that, to get an A*, it is necessary to answer questions that require APPLICATION - above and beyond rote. Well that may be so. But if applying oneself, is just another pavlovian school-instilled conditioned-response to exams, out in the real world these super-intellectuals will regress to the mean, becoming one with our mean society.

If we must school our kids - and not have them end up as dumb as fish - let's school them in awareness, philosophy AND THE KNOWLEDGE THAT THE INSTITUTION OF SCHOOL CAN SERIOUSLY DAMAGE YOUR HEALTH. Perhaps that could be condensed to 'CONFORMITY IS FREEDOM' on an arched entry to all Academies, with the kids taught irony on day one?

If we can school without institutionalising, educate without indoctrinating, and instil wisdom before cleverness, I suggest many more viable adults will emerge, with a positive effect on all the measures of wellbeing in society, currently being tackled with tinkering.

Sunday, 8 August 2010


The Westminster Monster, in its Royal Palace, is dug into the iconic Thames wall and underpinned by monarchy. Under its aegis, party politics thrive in an atmosphere of unconsidered acceptance by the public. "It is democracy, presided over by the Mother of Parliaments." Parties strive for maximum power - absolute power if possible. They will BUY power with any money they can gather, however dirty, and by any lie they can finance, and get away with. The watchdog agencies of Parliament, and wider Britain, ARE NOT CONCERNED with political lies - not a lot of people know that. I have made it my business to find out.

Westminster-compatible parties, SCREEN candidates for General Elections, then pass them to the constituencies for second-order selection. All candidates are, by inference, Westminster Creatures, even before being voted for, on party lines, by the punters. This ensures the monolithic nature of the Westminster Ethos, and secondary - even tertiary - 'loyalty' of MPs to their constituents. It explains why - to date, I have had no response FROM ANY PARTY or MP*, to my Conservative 'liar flyer' challenge (see above). Their silence is due to their first allegiance to WESTMINSTER and its utterly disgraceful continuance - to our detriment.

The above is what makes me so pessimistic about making any advance in the integrity of British governance. To approach an MP, is really to approach 'Westminster', and Westminster is a Monster that holds us collectively, and individually, IN CONTEMPT. We are tiresome ants.

* My local MP has openly mocked me. He knows he is backed by The Monster.

Sunday, 1 August 2010


Chilcot - a cold wind wraps Great Britain’s heart
Her archetypal refuge - cold as death.
He broke the last taboo for ego’s gain
In self-aggrandisement stole other’s breath.

And such is our disgrace, none barred his way
Save one whose easy Honour was upheld.
The rest in ignominy bowed his will
Outside: a million, impotent, repelled.

No darker hour this nation ever faced
Invaded by deceit and structured lie.
At unmet need all goodness from him fled;
Where moral vacuum lives, the righteous die.

In his defence he knew we must attack.
He said: “Doubt me, but don’t doubt my belief”.
And so we joined America in war
Once more, to Arab lands, we would bring grief.

Lord Chilcot has a way with stable doors:
One to be closed, indeed, seen to be so.
When he has done, no stone will be unturned
The truth ground wondrous small, and all on show.

But shall we be the wiser for that ‘turn’?
Such fine grained truth can be a lot like sand.
Time-jaded minds may reach - but poorly grasp
As all his fell misdeeds slip through our hands.

Then, as we watch him strut in Global state
In self-deluded opulence quite chuffed
We shall attend to his unending war
And know that – verily – we have been stuffed.


Let's not mess about pretending Nick just wants do bring the greatest good for the greatest number - Westminster has never been the place for that! No, he wants to be 'Topp' aka Prime Minister. But half his troops have left the field and will not return while their leader is a proven backslider. So Nick is stuck between a cockup and a lardface.

I have said consistently that Westminster is an integrity-free zone. Those departed LibDems who presumably have a clear concept of integrity, had nevertheless failed to realise that the Westminster Ethos is alien to such a 'flight of fancy'. If disaffected LibDems have cerebral capacity allied to their scruples, this rude awakening might just be the start of a move to SPOILPARTYGAMES.

So my suggestion to all you LibDems who are taking stock is: "The Westminster Ethos will only ever deliver iniquity. We need to source candidates, for our MPs, locally (a view voiced eloquently by A N Wilson on 'Any Questions') as a first step to the dismemberment of Westminster 'governance' and its feudal self-serving disgrace.

Parties demand first allegiance. Parties dilute representative government. Dig out a reluctant, competent, decent individual from your area at the next election, and SELL THE IDEA TO THE CONSTITUENTS. No lies, no gimmicks, no balloons - JUST INTEGRITY IN REPRESENTATION.

Nick - in his hour of neediness - might just have fixed it for YOU!

Saturday, 31 July 2010


The seven tenets of civilisation - our way - are:


No. 8 - DEATH - is prohibited, for all but heroes.


Wednesday, 28 July 2010


LEARNING is inexorable (as inexorable as the Top Gear Lads looking at short skirts - and the odd inverted burka - when they should be watching the road.)

EDUCATION is a mixed blessing. You can't get chocolate out of a machine where the chocolate bay is empty. Best to go for a sandwich - money well spent.

SCHOOL was instituted with the Henry Ford approach - the idea was to make ticky-tacky: all just the same. Unfortunately dumb politicians still can't see that a partition occurs: while the 'ticky' tick obediently to Mammon's rhythm, the 'tacky' get stuck, go nowhere, and ultimately succumb to gravity in a smear of decline.

How poignant (nay droll) that my antisocial personality SAVED ME FROM INSTITUTIONALISATION! They could not get me into a little box - I refused to be part of 'all the same'.

I suspect I have failed more exams than I have passed. I venture that constitutes a telling comment but more on education's malfunction than on mine.

I fought Education and Education lost.

Saturday, 24 July 2010


Messiah Tony failed here and is now saving the Middle East from a clash of extremist belief; saviour McCavity failed here, and has now popped up to save Africa, with Broadband. When 'Certainty Dave' fails, what might his psychological tipple be? A 'Declaration of Absolute Global Right and Wrong' perhaps? He's getting in some practice, with Olympian interference! I gather Dave was gifted his certainty from his magistrate Mother - she is quoted as 'teaching him right and wrong'. Did she also teach him not to muddle them up? It's always the parents - isn't it! (:o)


I have long considered school as the single most powerful INSTITUTIONALISING (development arresting) feature of 'civilisation' as currently configured (aka Western).

I venture to assert that - all other things equal - maturity (both individual and societal) is inversely proportional to the emphasis on schooling. I further assert this is exacerbated by schooling of the VERY YOUNG. Let's leave schooling to aquatic life-forms, and look for an optimum developmental approach for new homSaps, that leads each individual to maximise their life-potential.

However, as this would bring an end to Westminster, party politics, barking leaders and a seat at the Globopoly table, there is no future in it.

Friday, 23 July 2010


Alan Duncan's repeated words: "We are leading the world", on The Daily Politics, refer to aid.

How telling - they translate as "Britain is still playing GLOBOPOLY in style" (with tax-money, for the satisfaction of a few megalomaniac politicians).

At the Globopoly board, GDP, nukes held, aid sprayed, and military adventures, give you an advantage in THE GAME. Meanwhile our nation is rotting at the core - both physically and psychologically.



We Brits are inclined to characterise other countries as dour, excitable etc. Well - it is becoming all too apparent that Britain - by virtue of her governance - is nationally (and internationally) PERVERSE. Shirley Bassey had a song for it.

Many before me, have pointed to the 'Sickness Service' that we call the NHS. That might sound accidental. But is it not true that we have a policy of LEAVING PEOPLE TO MAKE THEMSELVES ILL, AND THEN MAINTAINING THEM IN THEIR ILLNESS? Television - a cannula to the psyche - feeds poisonous 'norms' to all and sundry (termed 'entertainment') only breaking off to sell us what we neither need, should have, nor can afford. All this, our government does to gain tax-income which is then 'SPENT ON US' as largesse, much of it going into the 'Health Service'.

I don't think it gets much more PERVERSE than that. Killing Johnnie Foreigner, on a tenuous whim, is just a harmless pastime by comparison. And there's more.

Thursday, 22 July 2010


Is Harpy-Phobia a hate crime yet?

I can never see the rationality in 'representative masses' - whatever the basis. The police are always trying to get more brown officers, but if a brown crime was going down, and they PICKED a brown bobby to send, surely that would be discrimination (no pun intended, but rather good eh?)

As for parliament, we have had two woman Home Secretaries, in succession. I admit one looked no stranger to violence, but does Kitten Shoes REALLY have any appreciation of Testosterone-fuelled VISCERAL violence?

I have bemoaned 'Toilet Door Syndrome' in gender-typing before. A bloke in a skirt is not a woman, neither are all the self-selected harpies who can ACTUALLY BREATHE in that fetid Chamber (pot). Women born to mothering and the gentle life, find the political ethos (as currently configured) anathema. And there's the clue. Governance should be by mature, competent individuals - any gender - who can subsume self for a better country/world. The exact opposite of what we have now.


Sunday, 18 July 2010


The 'obscured woman' debate is going wild.

On the few occasions that I have worn sun glasses OF A TYPE THAT TOTALLY HIDE THE EYES I have felt very empowered indeed. One can study every detail of an attractive woman without either embarrassment or detection.

It is, of course, deeply intrusive, offensive, cowardly and disgraceful.

Any mention of sunglasses in the Quran?

The whole debate highlights a/ cultures should not mix - multiculturalism is a myth b/ religious dogmas appeal to our juvenile state.


Liam Fox MD (who keeps us safe and well by overseeing the killing of Johnnie Foreigner) used the term 'NUCLEAR BLACKMAIL' this morning. It was new to me, so I did a little reading. I found that nuclear blackmail works best when the finger on the button belongs to an unstable individual. No wonder 'they' want to kill us! Britain is collectively going mad. The most driven and needy enter Westminster and once installed, the most delusional among them becomes Prime Minister. Be afraid world - BE VERY AFRAID.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010



Kenneth Clarke - the man who put the "bleh bleh bleh" into 'blether' - has declared prison-number-rise and reduction in crime, unconnected.
Tobacco Baron Ken, also saw no connection between the number of tobacco addicts - sick and dying from their entrapment - as unconnected with BAT advertising and sale of cigarettes. (Like criminals, smokers made a simple choice to ruin their lives - apparently.)

Clarke sees a link between prosperity and criminality, but fails to see the link between BAT profit and hospital admissions.

This is just the sort of clear, conducive-to-the-good, thinking that we need in governance. And Clarke is yet another example of the (un)kind of person that is attracted to (and thrives in) the unhealthy Palace of Westminster.

Monday, 5 July 2010


For a General election candidate to arrive, as a name on the ballot paper, by far the majority of them have to be PRE-SELECTED (from the mass of the people) by virtue of ambition and tractability to the party system (whipping and fawning) under the Westminster ethos. In short - they are an ODD LOT with little in common with the common people.

Against this enduring reality, no tinkering with the voting rules will improve the self-serving governance of Westminster. Once again, as with the supposed 'clean up' after the allowances revelations, we are being thrown a distraction to chew on, impotently.

Friday, 2 July 2010


Westminster has all the characteristics of a living entity, but no discernable heart. It dominates Britain like the fairytale Dragon dominates the simple village.

But the Monster of Westminster does not devour maidens, as such, rather it destroys all that is embodied in her archetype: uncorrupted decency. Like any life-form, the Westminster Monster is programmed to survive, and has adapted well to its location. It will mutate further, if its life is threatened – but suicide will never be an option. Dragons do not vote for St George’s Day. When injured (a rare event) the Minster Monster has a range of recovery mechanisms and repair strategies – its self-healing properties are legendary.

Within Westminster, human units function as ‘cells’, performing a variety roles, but always with a ‘collective mind’ dedicated to the survival of the host body. Renewal of aberrant, redundant or dead cells, is by incremental replacement. Periodic ‘elections’ are performed among the ordinary folk, wherein they are permitted to choose from candidates already proxy-vetted by the parties; the parties in turn, in thrall to the Monster. This ensures unending life for the Minster Monster.

This Dragon has dominated our ‘village’ for so long, no one questions its stranglehold on all our lives. A few who supply treasure – the other obsession of Dragons – escape its foul breath and baleful eye, the rest live and die unquestioning. No villager has the given name of ‘George’ any more.

Thursday, 17 June 2010


Dave Cameron PM c/o House of Commons.
Cc Richard Benyon MP Strobes @ Private Eye Guido Fawkes Daily Politics The Politics Show et al


Dear leaders

We cannot go on like this.

As the prime mover (aren’t we all?) of the Big Society, I call upon the PM of The New Politics, in the current spirit of independent watchdog-inspectorates (redolent of the Office of Budgetary Regulation) to install: ‘PORKIES’ (People’s Office for Regulation of Knowingly Indefensible Electoral Statements).

The ‘PORKIES’ remit, should apply retro-actively, covering the 2010 election, i.e. all party literature without exemption. This would surely be emblematic of the New Politics, fundamental to the Cameron-Clegg Coalition of transparency?

(Strangely: no official body that I can discover, is mandated to apply the existing ‘Representation of the People’ Act, that forbids employment of a ‘false instrument’ to influence voting.) HOW VERY ‘OLD POLITICS’!

You can, of course, just leave it to me: a retired, articulate, solvent, fit, mobile entrepreneur, who wants – so very much – to help bring in the New Fairness. Indeed, I presume that my endeavour would amount to ‘Private Sector’ mobilisation? I have located a 2010 archive of Election flyers and will shortly make a detailed study of them. Please let me know if you wish to be copied-in.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010


Since the recent election, I have been researching the ‘Political Porky’. I have discovered that neither the Electoral Commission, nor the Advertising Standards Authority have any power (where the WRITTEN word is the medium) to curb such excess in our ‘democratic’ process, and by inference, the politicians themselves, connive (even while complaining ‘at’ one-another).
I understand, from the Commission, that I may make a formal complaint to the Police; to my mind that would constitute ‘Wasting Police Time’ – an offence in itself! The crime is one of ABSENCE OF INTEGRITY – hardly a Police matter.
There is an act – The Representation of the People Act’ - that prohibits the use of a ‘fraudulent device or contrivance’ to influence voting behaviour. By my reckoning, the ‘Political Porky’ contravenes this act. WHAT A VERY BRITISH PARADOX that politicians use it, habitually. I am deeply concerned because of what this state of affairs says about Westminster politics – even dressed in its emperor-like ‘New Clothes’. Do any of your readers have knowledge that might advance my quest? ‘We can’t go on like this’.

Thursday, 27 May 2010


This morning I found a slug 'having a snail for breakfast' and I was immediately reminded of the Con/Dem 'coalition'. I leave you to decide just which of the pair is Dave and which one Nick.


Iain Duncan Smith, second only to Tony 'Mars' Blair, as a 'Bringer of War', is the leading 'light' at the Centre for Social Justice - and he believes he is tackling the corrosive effects of welfare on the borderline workshy.

Meanwhile government intends to tinker with the mainstay of British life (pleasure, pain, crime, degradation, health) i.e. ALCOHOL, by adjusting the price. More for the brewers - more tax take.

Never was the truth more stark, that you need NO HUMAN MANAGEMENT SKILLS TO MANAGE BRITAIN. Any fool should see: our problems are CULTURAL. British culture is 50% warp (the word speaks for itself) and 50% alcoholic weft, woven tightly together. None of our nonentity ninnies, signed up to the Big Westminster Lie, have either competence or motivation to unpick this mess.

Perhaps MPs should get performance-related-pay? But we would have to define 'performance' carefully, or Tony would be demanding back-money!

Oh - it's all going awfully well.


Tuesday, 25 May 2010


Some decades ago, when Members of Parliament all spoke in their own, affected way, with a sort of resonant boom, they made the term ‘appalled’ their own – it now fits so well with their routine comforter: ‘HONOURABLE’.

Among the many recent suggestions of how to move Parliament forward, the eschewal of ‘honourable’ has been mooted, but to my mind, nothing short of replacing it with the prefix ‘dishonourable’, will suffice. I have good reason.

Having stood as the SPOIL PARTY GAMES candidate in May 2005, I resolved, this year, to simply function as agent provocateur in an attempt to awaken the voters to their true plight. I never thought that, by the end of the campaign, the Conservatives would have DELIVERED TO MY DOOR, the proof of their totally relaxed attitude to corruption.

On May 5th, the eve of polling, I received two communications, delivered simultaneously. One was complaining about the lies of the LibDem camp, and the other was offering a Tory lie – presumable of a better class! It read, in heavy capitals: “THE CONSERVATIVES MUST WIN HERE TO STOP ANOTHER 5 YEARS OF GORDON BROWN”.

Well – hindsight is a wonderful thing, but even looked at before the event, this declaration walked and quacked like a lie, to me. And I am unable to find anyone who will support it as embodying any intrinsic truth – even my MP, who distributed it (he is just silent).

So I have set myself the task of discovering just how deep rooted in ‘electoral ethics’, the ‘political lie’ is. None of the agencies concerned with standards – from IPSA all the way to the Advertising Standards Authority, wants anything to do with truth – well, not when absent upon a politicians lips. The only truly tangible suggestion was from the local Returning Officer who effectively said: “Complain to the Police – if you’re hard enough’. Should it really come to this?

I am calling on all my ingenuity to have this lie nailed – preferably to the CV of the ‘honourable member’ who approved it. Weep Britain.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

the voter is boss

You might almost think (ex MP) Matthew Parris is a product of Westminster! Yes, as he asserted recently, the voter IS boss - but only WITHIN THE LIE.

Even a battery hen has the choice of which leg to stand on while gestating the next GDP egg.

Parris has his take on our anger; he writes: "Change is the last thing the British people want". Well - full marks for a journalistic line Matthew, but I reckon a DRAMATIC REDUCTION IN HYPOCRISY would amount to 'change' - a change long overdue.

I seem to be alone in identifying the WESTMINSTER ETHOS (a time 'honoured', complex lie) as our enemy. But I hold the view that GENERAL ANGER comes from a public SENSE that we are being led by fools and knaves, plus a near-certainty WE CAN DO NOTHNG ABOUT IT.

To paraphrase 'Jesus': Parliament will only acquire integrity, when it comprises sufficient individuals who are prepared to 'LAY DOWN THEIR AMBITION FOR THEIR CONSTITUENTS'. While we can only vote for Westminster's 'creatures' (through the party filter) we will remain battery hens. Have you ever met a contented one?


As the wannabe frenzy of Clegg/Brown/Cameron rises to a shriek, it is surely obvious that they are of the SAME ILK?

POLICIES are shuffled, highlighted, sidelined, mutated or forgotten, ALL IN THE INTEREST OF GAINING POWER, or in response to the latest change in direction of some political breeze. What remains constant, is the RAW AMBITION OF THE GREAT LEADER and the pathetic, slavish support of the dazzled, unthinking acolytes.

This system gave us Anthony Blair (look at him now) and 'The Quite Man' IDS (who is VERY quiet about the war he granted Tony). LOOK AT THEIR PERSONALITIES! Policies come and go. A bad policy dies - ultimately, a leader with a flawed personality, just comes up with another daft scheme, while deviously holding on to power.

Yet ALL THREE will tell you to judge on policies (while acting like prima donnas). That is the Westminster Creature, operating within the Westminster Lie. Only 'clean skins' (locally chosen independents) returned to Parliament can ever make a difference. (Not even Young Nick.)


Saturday, 1 May 2010


Some years back, a TV program called 'The Right Stuff' investigated the 'fighter-pilot' mentality, as being unsuitable for airliners, in a crisis.

Westminster Party Politics elevates 'fighter pilot' personalities: cool under fire, focused, quick to react etc. and just look what we get - it isn't democratic governance.

Back to the airliner. With hundreds of passengers at risk, the HERO is alone, in his head, being heroic, detached from any useful input from those around him. All too often the plane did not survive.

While parties pre-select the people WE get to vote for, we will only have a choice within THE WRONG STUFF. People are BEGUILED by the wrong stuff, and then WE CRASH - AGAIN.

We have to find A WAY ROUND the continuing Westminster Ethos. We need a governing body made up of dedicated, selfless, competent individuals of INTEGRITY i.e. the right stuff of DEMOCRATIC GOVERNANCE. Charismatic, orating fighter pilots, will get us all killed. But they will feel GREAT!

Brown is stoic at the controls. Heroic as he spirals down, defiantly emptying his guns on his way to stupid oblivion. So much better if he were able to bail out, and admit he is THE WRONG STUFF.

In passing: IDS was the wrong stuff - we still have a war to prove it.

Sunday, 25 April 2010


As I patrolled the friendly centre of Newbury today, with my archetypal MP companion (rosette on a pole) I fell to pondering, again, the ANTAGONISM and DISCORD threaded through our society AND ITS GOVERNANCE:

The Division Bell is tolling a death-knell – Westminster or Britain?

'Divide and Rule' is an old adage - division is implicit weakness. In light of this: 'Divide TO Rule' (The Westminster Way) HAS TO BE PRETTY DUMB - and so it is emerging.

In our adversarial system of governance, Her Majesty's (loyal) Opposition is required to OPPOSE. That speaks for itself. Yet Clegg is increasingly invoking COOPERATION! Might he end up in the Tower for DISLOYALTY?

Cooperation is usually mooted in the face of a SERIOUS THREAT (e.g. war - though not, it seems, a phoney war on 'Terror'). But is not the general decline in competence and contentment, of the occupants of these islands, A SERIOUS THREAT?

Where is the sense in institutionally divided governance having, NOW, to bridge the dopey divide, WHEN IT DID NOT NEED TO BE DIVIDED IN THE FIRST PLACE? The politicians of Westminster, drawn there by - AND CONFIRMED IN - adversarial delights (wasting untold time and unaccounted millions) are ill-disposed to harmonious, optimum governance.

Surely it is time to sweep away the whole Westminster ethos and its associated rosetted-ciphers; to put an end to party-gaming (while Britain burns) and to govern through the talents of individuals of proven integrity (not thespians cloaked in rubber-stamp 'honour').

As an illustration of the madness of our political system, consider what happens WITHIN a party when two or more factions emerge. SHOCK-HORROR! "The party must come together or die!" "Any faction OPPOSED to the leadership must be purged!" The party is pronounced SPLIT - de facto WEAKER.

All the above is apparent to the rational mind, applied with integrity. And that is the problem with the Westminster Mind: to survive it must be irrational – integrity is death to party politics. Nothing short of ERADICATION OF EVERYTHING ‘WESTMINSTER’ will open the way to a more competent, contented Britain.

Saturday, 17 April 2010


Today was the second Saturday that I have taken my archetypal 'Westminster Politician' to meet his constituents, in Newbury high-street (Northbrook Street). He was received with all the respect due to him.

You can see from the photo, that he amounts to a rosette, mounted on a spineles support (the Jelly Babies run all the way down). Both aspects speak of the MP being a 'creature' of the party, where Westmister Politics are concerned, and further, disinclined to support constituents locally, where that support would run foul of party-dogma or the leader.

Locally chosen, INDEPENDENT candidates, chosen for proven integrity, suffer none of these constraints. The Westminster ethos is ingrained, like dry-rot suffuses the masonry of a building. Refitting, will only lead to more rot. Westminster must be metaphorically 'demolished', and a STRUCTURE OF INTEGRITY, supesede it. The excerpt below (from 'Responsibilities of your MP') tells all:

"At times a constituent's demands may conflict with party policy and your MP will have to decide where their first loyalty should lie. " (Note the pejorative use of 'demands' and the laughable invocation of 'first loyalty'! They don't tell you about THAT on the hustings.)

Wednesday, 14 April 2010


It is an accepted scientific tenet, that energy and matter are interchangeable. It is an obvious, unavoidable truth, that money and power, are in a similar relationship. Power = Money + Corruption. What is more, if we exclude the odd Saint, WE ALL HAVE OUR PRICE. Those with sufficient money, suitably applied, ultimately control us.

It follows, from the above, that to gain power, money may be spent – to gain absolute power, spent in eye-watering amounts. President Obama’s supreme power was reportedly bought for, in excess of, $1 billion. That figures.

In the coming weeks, one fact is incontrovertible: each political party, with anything that can be described as a ‘fighting fund’ or ‘war chest’, will SHAMELESSLY attempt to BUY THE ELECTION, to whatever degree that it is possible for them. As almost every aspiring MP has pre-sold their soul to a party, the preceding sentence applies equally to the cipher-aspirant parading your high-street. The amorality is stark, the immorality, close to proven; and Westminster runs to the rhythm of these people.

Am I being unreasonable to see some connection with the ‘money = power’ equation and all the horrors recently thrown up by Westminster? No sooner had Tony Blair slipped past ‘Yates of the Yard’, with ‘no case to answer’ (Ks and Ps for cash) than he was gone to spend more time with his (goodly) fortune. Then came the Parliamentary allowances farce; another correlation between a penchant for power and a love of lolly? I rest my case.

The most overt application of money, to the buying of votes, is the phenomenal amount paid to advertising houses and for roadside hoardings. And, be it noted, the advertising is tacky. We have had the rather piggy face of Cameron LENGTHENED, its aspect ratio changed, to make ‘Cameron Tories’ more attractive to voters, by association. The leader of one of the major British political parties, has been found ‘too ugly for purpose’! What manner of man submits to that? When labour put Dave on an Audi bonnet (and egg on their own faces) they went the negative route. Ironically the result was negative also, yet one assumes, they still had to pay.

The bottom line is that power-hungry parties, will cosy-up to some very unsavoury individuals, to fill the coffers. BUT THERE IS ALWAYS A PAY-BACK. I will name no names, as another thing that money can buy is ‘Legal Judgement! Funny that. But you know who they are – well, the ones that came to light. The words ‘iceberg’ and ‘tip’, come to mind . . . Suffice it to say: though our government will have a known flavour after May 6th, NAMELESS MONEY will be in power on a quid pro quo basis.

Thursday, 8 April 2010


In Britain’s ‘Fair’ Land, we are all FREE to smoke, drink and (or) eat ourselves to a comprehensive state of ill-health. All three delights can damage the most vitally functional parts of the body, leading to chronic sickness. Thereafter - WITH THE BLESSING OF FREE CARE – a slow, government-funded decline into helplessness is ‘afforded’, before an ignominious, state-begrudged, death. How fortunate we are!

On the face of it, one might think a caring government would view our damaging dysfunction with concern – but suppose the caring face of government is a mask? PERISH THE THOUGHT. Governments’ first concern is always POWER. (Quite so! It must be won, and held on to, if caring is to proceed!) The voters can always be induced to vote for a party that meets (or pledges to meet) their needs and wants. Free medical care is now an established ‘need’, in the mind of the electorate, while booze, fags, fat and sugar are ‘wants’. Politics could not be simpler.

The term ‘Nanny State’ is hurled at any suggestion of our excesses being state-curbed. Odd – I thought archetypal nannies were firm but FAIR, and FAIR is the ‘new black’! And what of the over-indulgent GRANNY State, giving us all excessive pocket money (debt) and taking us to Tescos as a treat? Granny has the latest, monster TV (HD digi) and lets us stay up until exhausted, watching mind-bending trash. SHE HELPS US BECOME UNWELL yet goes un-perceived. Needless to say: the Granny State, is a Wicked Step Mother in disguise. During ‘sleep-overs’, she drains our soul and sells it down the river, using the money gained to provide policing of the marauding ‘Have-nots’, and funding for the ubiquitous ‘NSS’* – free at the point off nihilism. (*National Sickness Service.)

Parties are not slow to hire the most Machiavellian of advertising agencies, and to apply their nefarious skills, at election time, to the business of gaining power. Governments could choose to use the same approach in turning the citizens away from self-destructive pursuits. Crime, sickness and social decay would reverse. Skilled avoidance of the ‘Nanny State’ label, would allow us ordinary folk to convince ourselves that WE HAD CHOSEN to improve (such is the cunning of the advertiser). This would reinforce the new behaviour. But where would this leave the politicians? Funding the NHS would cease to be a vote-winner, as would crowing over extra police. In short: POLITICAL DISASTER! All they would have left, to flamboyantly fund, is EDUCATION (so called) and that is about to blow up in their faces - from too many heavily-funded initiatives (and a surfeit of Balls).

In summary: British governments tax human degradation, then spend the money in high profile initiatives that can, at best, only restore the original situation. The Canny state is a can of worms.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010


The blinkered, the gullible, the ever-hopeful and the truly dim, vote into Parliament the narcissistic, the arrogant, the self-serving and the deranged. Within Westminster, sub-groupings (parties) play ‘war-games’ - with the winner of every battle pre-ordained by the preceding election. This we call democracy.

The election winners – the party of government - collect taxes. Out of this money they overpay themselves, fund wars in foreign lands – that are engaged in on a whim – and indulge in many an ‘initiative’ like unwieldy IT schemes and (say) ‘Smiling in English’ courses, for immigrants; all doomed to fail.

There are only two progenitors of glorious error: FOOLS and KNAVES. Westminster is, to a man (and proxy man) filled with both – sometimes in one body! Inside that Poseur Palace, these unrepresentative wannabes learn to honour and obey all that is dishonourable. They rise, by submergence of self – with the exception of raw ambition – and Gollum-like fawning to party: leader/hierarchy/whips/dogma/message/lies/deceit, and the latest party-sound-bite. Those who develop the ability to do without sleep and human niceties, while mastering obfuscation and question-deflection, rise to the top of the slippery heap – a considerable feat! It follows that only the VERY PECULIAR attain high office, and from that rare group is drawn A PRIME MINISTER.

Because Westminster is a feudally organised institution – from the duelling-spaced confrontational benches, to the silly dress, and time-wasting rituals, the proxy Monarch (Prime Minister) has ‘life and death’ say, on a whim, over his Knights and Barons (Secretaries of State and ministers) and they repay, with grovelling subservience, plus the occasional ‘assassination’. Westminster is supposed to manage Britain on our behalf. Few successful company managements see advantage in suddenly giving the transport manager, R&D to run and Sales to the production boss. So why do Prime Ministers, routinely, do this? No prizes. Hardly surprising, then, when (say) an ex-postman who has been ‘doing Health’, makes some odd decisions after being ‘given’ law-n-Order to play with.

In the light of the above, we should not be surprised that, whilst we might seem to be prospering as a nation, the truth is that we are ‘default managed’ in the negative terms of mending sickness, controlling crime and warring with (perceived) threat when, were we governed by wise managers, it would be for less illness and fewer crimes at the outset; in short: more contentment. If you would rather see a contented Britain, consider: ‘MPs and the cause of MPs’. Seek out competence and integrity in any candidate; generally amounting to a local choice. Refuse party plants, chosen for party loyalty and ambition.

Sunday, 28 March 2010


Soon the Party Ciphers will appear in a high-street near you (or: "Where you are" as the juvenile BBC likes to say) and behind them, will be a phalanx of Cipherlings, clutching placards and (oh joy) balloons in the party colour.

In Newbury, they will find that I am in the high-street ALREADY - almost a fixture. MY only companion will be a stick with a confused rosette (mix of colours) stuck on top. My question to the voters will be simple: do they vote for the rosette or the rosette-stand?

Neither flower nor stalk swears any allegiance to the constituency. The 'rosette-stand' (your MP, or their wannabe rival) sweeps up to you, grinning, shakes your hand, 'fields' your question - into the long grass - and sweeps on. The 'stand' wants your vote - just your vote. Meanwhile the mute rosette does its best to invest the rosette-stand, with party aura.

What do you know of the rosette stand, standing briefly before you? Only one thing is certain, and outside the expensive party funded hype: this person is not standing INDEPENDENTLY to represent YOU. They have been PRESELECTED by a party that, in turn, is signed up to the Westminster Charade. This implies COMPLIANCE in your rosette-stand.

In truth most people vote 'rosette' i.e. for a party. Remove the rosette from the rosette-stand and the stand has little hope of being returned UNLESS WE REMOVE THE PARTY SYSTEM.
Such is the power of the Westminster ethos, and the might of party-advertising, most people vote for the rosette, regardless of the qualities of the stand. Thus, under the current system, if a party-MP turns maverick, in the interests of his constituents (but against party diktat) they may be deselected, and the voters deprived. Should that individual stand as an independent, against the rosette they previously wore, and its party-machine, their chances are slim. The proof of this poisonous pudding is 'parachuting' where a pre-selected anybody, from very elsewhere, assumes the rosette-stand position, dons the rosette - and is voted in.

Ask yourself: WHAT SORT OF PERSON IS A WILLING ROSETTE STAND? Is that the sort of person you want as your MP?

Wednesday, 10 March 2010


Why would anyone do that? What sort of mentality takes leave of his inquisitors, happy IN HIS OWN MIND that he didn't (actually) lie, but with his Manse-Pants a beacon of Hellfire, telling the world a different story? WHAT SORT OF MENTALITY?

Is this not the action of the ARCHETYPAL LITTLE BOY since Adam - wide eyed - incriminating everyone but himself?

Is this not the WESTMINSTER ETHOS, practiced in the highest tower of that Citadel, by our Prime Minister, to some unfathomable self-satisfaction? Small wonder, then, that MPs have been found wanting en masse, while media, commerce, banking, retail etc, all 'LIVE INSIDE THE LIE' that is now our established culture.

The above is a 'CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER'. It arises, not from external rogue-states or terror-cells, but from our own decay, epitomised by the recent 'performance' of James Gordon Brown, at Chilcot.

Sunday, 7 February 2010