Monday, 19 December 2011



Being an MP is not compulsory; one can therefore presume an aspirant MP finds the post personally desirable – unless, of course, they claim altruism of a high order, and a drive to serve; serving being their only reward. Some may claim – it is not evident.

The candidate uses speeches, personal and indirect canvassing, and leafleting (flyers) to try to persuade the voter to gift them a seat in Westminster – it is a clear quid-pro-quo; the aspirant, directly or indirectly, offers some advantage to the voter, in exchange for their perceived advantage in the Westminster seat.

Up to this point, though undetectable deception is already a possibility on both sides,
the contract being made, is between two individuals, and the usual need for assessment – each of the other – applies, if deceit is to be minimised.


Immediately the aspirant MP splits into two – never again to be without duplicity.
The individual candidate ‘goes under’ the rosette. They ‘take the colour’ of their chosen/adoptive party, whose machinery (machination/chicanery) underwrites and -over-stamps - their every heartbeat. They loudly espouse, and profess, every clause of the manifesto, when challenged, and distribute leaflets, composed by ‘HQ’ with party advantage in mind, over that of the candidate. The aspirant ‘progresses’ the high street, followed by fawning party acolytes holding party balloons, in the authorised colour, or toting totem-poles, with the aspirant’s name – heraldic – on the dominant party background hue.

It should be noted (both here, and when encountering this charade) that the aspirant individual is - in law – just an ordinary member of society; previous MP-ship, party affiliation, and current party backing, notwithstanding. Paradoxically, as far as I have been able to ascertain, to date, the candidate’s party, has no existence in law (unless it so chooses). Thus we have the spectacle, within a supposed ‘democracy under rule of law’, of an individual, living under social constraints, closely bound to an ephemeral entity (where law is concerned) yet doing its will, in a duplicitous pact.


It only takes a moment to register that the typical Westminster Creature is, at best, amoral; and another moment to realise this is no accident: they are selected. Ordinary voters only get to choose between pre-selected (by party panels) individuals marked out by potential Westminster Creatureness. Collectively, they comprise the Westminster Ethos in all its base affront. In adversarial politics, immorality will always win out over scruples; parties have no time for scruples, and when a General Election is called: even less. It is against the Election backdrop, that parties put their most Machiavellian minds to work on duping the electorate; vast war chest being previously amassed (from donors expecting later favour) and now expended on false advertising, liar-flyers, and rank, abject seduction, in selected (‘marginal’) constituencies. This is not democracy. It is D MOCK CRASS Y!


Sunday, 18 December 2011


Arrogant Cameron is demanding more Christian input from 'Canterbury'. I am hoping the Archbishop will give Dave more 'Christianity' than he bargained for! Dave is a pretty wide target; the single MOST APPOSITE adjective one can attach to the man, after the LIAR FLYER, the FALSE IMAGE and the VILIFICATION OF CLEGG, surely has to be: UNCHRISTIAN? And now he adds this Dream Topping. Lets have biblical CLEANSING OF WESTMINSTER! Let's hear it for our TURBULENT PRIEST!

Friday, 16 December 2011


What draws an individual to want to run the lives of others?

What selection criteria do PARTY political panels look for in MP wannabes?

What constraints are applied to the new MP, elected courtesy of a PARTY rosette?

What mentality accepts, unearned, the title HONOURABLE while DIShonouring?

Which 'exponent', from the above, will be elevated, in such company?

What common factors have we seen in Thatcher, Major, Blair, Cameron, CLEGG?

Nuff sed?

In passing: the Chilcot Enquiry set themselves the task of LEARNING LESSONS regarding the Iraq War. I have sent an impassioned plea that they focus, not on decisions and mechanisms, BUT ON PSYCHOLOGY AND DYSFUNCTION IN INDIVIDUALS. Perhaps the above, simple, 'flow chart' could help them to learn the ultimate lesson:


Sunday, 11 December 2011











UNCONTROLLABLE VARIABLES (NB: Pertaining at the time the Liar Flyer was issued.)

Vote-share of each party, at close of poll.

Freedom to deal, between party leaders.

Growing Labour MP disaffection, regarding Gordon Brown as their leader. Not result-contingent.

Personal choices open to Gordon Brown, as a free agent.

Length of any future Parliament (pre Coalition fixed-term).

Nicholas Clegg’s pledge to do no deal with Gordon Brown.


In some constituencies which received the Liar Flyer, the Conservative WAS DEFEATED.

The Election resulted in a HUNG PARLIAMENT.

GORDON BROWN DID NOT RETURN AS LEADER – indeed, he resigned and withdrew.


The distributor of the Liar Flyer (named thereupon) was RICHARD BENYON.

PERSONAL ADVANTAGE, from any increase in the Conservative vote, accrued to RICHARD BENYON.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011


My concern is fraud, deliberately configured to benefit - primarily - an ordinary citizen; vis: deception of the general public (numbered in thousands) to gain employment, and/or advancement of personal status and influence.

The above-described, pertains when an erstwhile MP is returned to normal citizenship, at prorogation of Parliament, and stands for re-election using printed material, comprising unequivocal falsehoods, delivered to private homes, in an attempt to gain advantage.

To date, ‘wider governance’ has (constructively?) hidden in ‘the fog of Election Law', to avoid addressing an unequivocal document of fraudulent claims, held by me. They (government officials, departments and individuals) leap to the convenient conclusion that, because the employment sought by the individual in question is: ‘Westminster MP’, and the fraudulent document originates from a political party, it is a ‘political matter’.

I put it to you that the FUNDAMENTAL situation is one of personal (individual) advancement, knowingly enacted by fraudulent means (deception) and I look to you for interaction with me in the matter.

Please DO NOT engage, if integrity is absent (silence speaks just as loudly) that is: if the intent is to disengage by stealth. I apologise if that seems rude, but I have had 18 months of such, from those self-termed ‘honourable’, and have drawn inevitable conclusions.

Fortunately , I have 3.5 years more of this Parliament to ‘make my point stick’.

Thursday, 1 December 2011


Nor do you count the suffering of the people whose lives you trample on, saying 'WHO CARES', so long as you can sit at the Globopoly table flaunting GDP, nukes, global military reach, and 0.7% aid. But such is the 'emplacement' of 'born-to-rule' heads, they have not yet realised that ALL THAT IS GONE. We are STILL getting 'governance as usual'. Dave still steps up to the camera to tell Iran how to behave, and Nick to explain the Great Triumph (more likely a Libber Daemmerung) coming to a ‘party’ near him, in a notional 3.5 years time.

In the dim distant future, will these islands be remembered, in legend, for their race of clowns and losers, whose heads . . . (see above) and whose feet pointed in all directions - hence going nowhere?

In passing: "Who Cares Wins" is the title of a new book addressing commercial practice. In Westminster, of course, it is just: "Who Cares" - a motto for Dave, to rank with "Ich Dien"!

Monday, 28 November 2011


I just found this site. We seem to share ideals and aims. Extract from the site:

An independent MP would HAVE to be seen to be acting in the interests of the public, as their actions would be wholly transparent, without Party Whips, spin doctors or scapegoats in the form of lower/dispensible Party members.

The buck would stop with them.

Every Parliamentary vote would be a Free Vote, meaning that MPs would truly be able to represent their constituents, rather than being forced to toe their Parties line.
And if they did not perform in the way that the electorate wanted them to, they would be out of a job at the next election.

Monday, 21 November 2011


I just heard that harrowing recording of Millie Dowler's mother.

To hear her re-live her (falsely based) joy, that her daughter was alive - deduced from deleted phone messages, from a previously full store - drives home the unspeakable nature of the hackers' mentality. But let no one lose sight of the example set by Westminster MPs: War in Iraq, Casino Banking, The Immigrant Cosh: all PERVERSE acts of the MP collective-mind, in Westminster. Given such behaviour by GOVERNMENT, why should scurrilous hacks think twice (even once) about applying their eponymous skills? There can NEVER be enough said of the WESTMINSTER EXAMPLE.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011


Yesterday, the media applauded a wonderfully subtle piece of curative technology.
A young boy had a severely damaged liver, that could not cope with the waste from his living body; he was sure to die. Healthy liver cells, from a donor, were encapsulated in a micro-porous film, and injected. The pores in the film were of a size to allow detoxifying through-flow, via the liver cells, but prevented large defender-cells destroying those cells.

In summary: artificially engineered and sustained spheres of stasis, took strain off the boys body, while its liver recovered.

I suggest that ‘closed loops of industry’, ARTIFICIALLY CREATED, comprising –say - (1) manufacturing, (2) deconstructing and (3) reclamation-as-feedstock, could be set up to provide real employment of a wide variety of individuals. Yes – digging holes and filling them in again! Such enterprise would have no on-going impact on our economy, except to change the young from paid-jobless, to paid-employed. I assert this takes some sociological strain off the country, and recovery is thereby subtly enabled.

All current 'prizes' such as energy efficiency, elegance of design, built-in recycle factors, minimised waste etc would be the credo of Circles of Stasis. I commend the underlying principles to the nation.


27 October 2010

Dear Lynsay

I am bowled over by such an open, candid response. Since I began my quest for respect from British ‘democracy’, I have almost exclusively met with dismissal and contempt. Thank you.

I recognise your constrained situation (I suspect political interference by ‘back-channels’) hence, I write simply to inform – should anyone wish to be informed. In what follows, please read ‘Westminster’ as meaning ‘Political Power’ in this country, as defined by this, personal observation: “POLITICS IS THE ART OF SELF-DECEPTION, WRAPPED IN THE CRAFT OF DECEIVING OTHERS, FOR ‘THEIR OWN GOOD’.”

Also: I accept, entirely, that you feel you cannot comment on the content of the ‘Liar Flyer’, but please find attached a careful analysis of its ‘status’ vis-a-vis ‘political communication’. I hold the view it may be better defined as a coercive falsehood, from one ordinary citizen to another, with a measure of denigration of a third. (NB – when Parliament is not sitting, MPs relinquish political status.

I am puzzled that, in explaining why you do not constrain the lies of political parties, you seem unaware that they are, in any case, comprised of ‘Scotch Mist’ – they have no legal incorporation, no potentially culpable officer (as, e.g. Co Secretary to a Limited Company). This is quintessentially typical of the subtle defences of Westminster chicanery; they go far wider.

If there is any part of Britain that desperately needs diligent oversight, it is Westminster. Westminster is a tyranny, a law unto itself (we have wars to prove the point) that uses the party-system to screen incoming MPs for ‘Westminster Creature’ qualities, such that its collective mind, is alien to the needs and aspirations of ‘we the people’. I have found not one keen mind who will declare the Liar Flyer: “legal”, “decent”, “honest” or “truthful”. Yet in almost 18 months of challenge, I have found only ONE (maverick) MP to confirm its lying status, and had silence, obfuscation, misdirection and contempt from a range of official offices and other MPs. (As yet I have found NO redress.)

The above is a deeply perverse situation for a country that purports democracy, under the rule of law, and which sees fit to bomb others into our disgraceful state, on the whim of any Prime Minister so moved..

If this email disturbs only one synapse, in one mind, in the ASA, something good has accrued.

Friday, 21 October 2011


My continuing quest for integrity. A careful analysis if the 2010 Conservative Flyer (below)

“ELECTION COMMUNICATION FOR NEWBURY” (1) Printed at top right-hand corner of the Flyer)

“A HUNG PARLIAMENT WOULD MEAN 5 MORE YEARS OF GORDON BROWN” (2) Printed in large, red upper-case, at the top of the flyer.

The Flyer also carries on it (in tiny grey print) “Promoted by David Holtby on behalf of Richard Benyon (3), both of West Berkshire Conservative (4) Association, 6 Cheap Street, Newbury Berkshire. RG14 5DD”

A little over half way down, in bold black print:
“The Conservatives must win here (5) to stop another 5 years of Gordon Brown.”

Couple 1 with 5 and it is clear that ‘here’ means Newbury.
Couple 3 with 4 and it is clear that Richard Benyon is the Conservative candidate.
There can then be only one interpretation of the entire flyer: It is necessary to vote for Richard Benyon, in Newbury to prevent 5 more years of Gordon Brown (as British Prime Minister). The message of (2) is reinforcing, to the effect that only an OVERALL MAJORITY will keep bogey-man Brown from 5 more years in No 10.

These claims, concocted by person(s) unknown, were distributed by Mr Benyon, after Parliament had been prorogued for the 2010 General Election - hence while a private citizen. Mr Benyon could only have had one motive i.e. to apply influence to voting preference in Newbury; to his personal advantage.

The inferences are intriguing . . .

Tuesday, 18 October 2011


Oh Citadel of Westminster, look down on your creation:
Millions of damned and blighted lives – the remnants of a nation.
Yes, you forgot that power corrupts, and honed your fell foul skills
Till power, close to absolute, finds England wracked with ills.
Now this Quixote – errant knight – tilts at your spinning members
To bring dis-ease, in word and deed, to liars and dissemblers.
For you saw fit to harbour in your base, benighted bosom
A heinous creed of enmity, enshrined in party schism.
Then, standing back, you watched as, at election, their contrivance
Brought blatant printed lies, with leadership in full connivance.
They knew, of course that parties, retribution, can ignore
Devoid of true existence, they’re not under Rule of Law.
Thus freed, Conservative HQ, drew up a Liar Flyer
So full of crafted falsehoods, Dave’s pants should have been on fire.
It said: the Bogey Gordon Brown, was waiting in the wings
Should WE, though careless voting, cause unconducive swings.
Conservatives, they must win HERE, the Liar Flyer claimed
Or Gordon Brown will stalk the land and CHILDREN WILL BE MAIMED!
A single X placed anywhere, but for Conservatives
Would guarantee 5 years of Brown, to blacken all our lives.
The Flyer, duly printed, went out across the land
From Huntingdon to Newbury – delivered by eager hand.
Two laws, thereby, were broken – one wonders: at what cost?
Westminster just ignores me; MP Benyon says: “Get lost!”
Now honourable MPs sit tight on impropriety’s cushion
Installed by lies but comforted by piety’s illusion.
Oxford Police rewarded, at the outset, trust invested;
A second letter brought forth spleen – I hope I’m not arrested.
Once more I know that I am mocked, by Westminster’s charade
And my crass tilting comes to naught; integrity is barred.
But I’ll fight on, it’s in my blood, blokes have to do what blokes do;
I’m not cut out for a comfy chair - with crossword, or Sudoku.

Thursday, 13 October 2011


APE CALL (A Pragmatic Evaluation of ‘care’ of the old.)

In the past, I have asserted that the courtroom is a place where Cerebral Man purports to judge the works of Animal Man (The Ape Confused by Language addressing - all unaware – the doings of his Ape.) The result can never be Justice.

Recently, there is a media storm regarding the neglect of old people with stroke, dementia, or similar. Media delivers harrowing tales from the ingenuous, weasel dedication from politicians, righteous indignation from programme presenters, and measured platitudes from the ‘Care Quality Commission’ and its ilk.

No one sees the ‘Ape in the room’.

By my painfully informed judgement (watched my brother ‘stored to death’ over 8 months) badly damaged old people, register in the mind of many UNRELATED medical-and-allied workers, AT AN ANIMAL LEVEL. By this I mean that the fit-and-well animals, required by high-minded edict to CARE, readily and unthinkingly reject those animals (non-persons) who will ‘contribute nothing more’, till the day they die.

And this is where some honest pragmatism would help; indeed, where it MUST be applied, if Hell on Earth is not to be the lot of an ever-increasing number – possibly including me!

Basic tenets:

1) As all conception is achieved WITHOUT CONSENT OF THE CONCEIVED, and with very little constraint from anyone else, DEATH ON DEMAND is a de facto right of every living being. One might even say it is a right WITH INTEREST DUE (or a fine?) i.e. more than a right: a HEAVY OBLIGATION on society.

2) Just as with court proceedings, referred to above, it is high time we acknowledged our dominant Ape. We must respect the Ape, in terms of its justifiable reaction to the detritus of life. (The first eulogy to sides of beef, hanging in a cold store, has yet to be written) NO ONE should be surprised when semi-vacated, vehicle-bodies, do not elicit a reflex of respect from the Ape.

3) Clever medical science has driven the vehicle-body, and its dependent mind, way beyond its span of viability. Blind fascination with that cleverness, lauds this madness; wisdom, had it not atrophied, would be in despair.

4) Mankind is probably too juvenile, throughout his span, individually and collectively, ever to correct the above. We have the knowledge and the ability – but not, in the current idiom, the will. . .

Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Parties, like companies, should have a named officer who GOES TO PRISON when they break the law.

How many committee-years might it take to get THAT through honourable Westminster?

How many people realise that an amending bill was tabled to strengthen the REPRESENTATION OF THE PEOPLE ACT, but that it died when Parliament was prorogued for the 2010 election? "Oh dear - what a pity - how sad". It extended section 115 (undue influence - CORRUPT PRACTICE) to "deliberately misleading the electorate as to the reasons for voting for that candidate". Remember the Liar Flyer? It said: "The Conservatives must win HERE (i.e. where my letter box is) to stop another 5 years of Gordon Brown." It was manifestly a lie, but the CONSERVATIVE PARTY is outside any law.


Only in England . . .

Tuesday, 11 October 2011



This is not what Nature would do. The world is going mad.

I strongly suspect that AVERAGE INDIVIDUAL MATURITY, across the globe, is declining. Just taking the UK: 60+ million population, of progressively immature individuals, yields 600+ perverse extract in Westminster, who in turn distil the quintessential INSTITUTIONALISED, DEMON-DRIVEN, JUVENILE PM to a position of exquisite incompetence, and near-absolute power. (Mental age 6?)

This might explain one or two points in previous posts?

Paradoxically, we not only make smart bombs and war machines, but smart kit that can SHOW OURSELVES HOW DUMB WE ARE; we also have some smart analysts of our plight. But a wise, contented nation, AS A GOAL, cannot compete, in the Prime Minister Mind, with glorious slaughter of Johnnie Foreigner and ‘FAMOUS VICTORY’. Prime Ministers are FAR TOO PRIMITIVE (see above).

WE have a problem

Saturday, 1 October 2011


Stewardship of a nation, requires a very rare level of human competence in those charged with undertaking the task. Dave Cameron thinks that the "Best of the Best", in our society, become mercenary killers; that phrase (and his banal espousal of it) neatly encapsulate the bankruptcy of our culture, from aberrant top to absolute bottom.

When the English Spring comes, we must strive to create a diametric alternative to Westminster's abomination; an alternative that is steeped in philosophical calm, skilled in applied human psychology, and has a reverence for elegance* (in its most fundamental sense) in all things.

We can then remove this country from the madness of GDP, manipulated money, arms and warfare, aspiring instead, to raise maturity, contentment and wisdom, across the nation.




Further, the 'Incompetent Elite' of Westminster, get to play Globopoly on the World Board, moving the higher value pieces of Johnnie Foreigner states. All the games are accompanied by side bets, laid with our money. Losing is of no account to the players.

The question that goes unaddressed, is "What manner of individual immerses themselves in serial failure (note the recent list of apologies from ALL parties) yet continues in office, while retaining the inappropriate title: HONOURABLE?"

The PERVERSITY OF WESTMINSTER GOVERNANCE roars in the stone deaf ear of media, while I roar in the other (equally deaf) ear:


Tuesday, 13 September 2011


Artful Banal Cynical Deceitful Evasive False Guileful Hypocritical

Iniquitous Jingoistic Kleptocratic Lawless Mendacious Obfuscatory

Pusillanimous Quisling (EU) Rosette-stands Snide Temeritous Unctuous

Venal Whipped X Yes-men Zoophytes

Sunday, 11 September 2011


My spell-checker takes a perverse delight in changing 'Britishness' to 'Brutishness' - it coyly refrains from adding: "Nuff sed".

Since I reluctantly woke, this morning, I have been following the Radio 4 output from NYC - dedicated to this anniversary of 9/11 'Shock and Awe'.

But whereas 9/11 was a SUDDEN unexpected (by the little folk) SHOCK, the disgraceful, conniving silence of the BBC (reaching a crescendo today) regarding ‘The American State Lie’, is a SLOW TORTURE to all aspiring 'GOOD MEN', WHO KNOW THAT REASON IS BEING BRUTALISED.

Will this be a day of infamy, to eclipse even the crass treatment of the death of Dr David Kelly?

BBC: if you are determined that all your 'good men' should DO NOTHING, regarding the ever-increasing weight of 9/11 REALITY, we shall just have to put you where you belong.

“You are either with US or the UNREASONISTS.


Friday, 9 September 2011


HomSap ('intended' for harsher times) is born with a phenomenal computing power and no idea of what is going on. He 'advances' by OVERWRITING unconducive notions, NEVER ERASING; driven by a frenzied NEED to gain CONTROL (power) over body, environment and OTHERS. The poor fool samples his surroundings as a model to strive towards. This gives us mostly dysfunctional individuals. Maturity is, for the majority, an impossible goal. The way that our 'culture' is now configured (perverse) it manifestly mediates AGAINST maturing.

Those who cannot damp down the infant drive to control, become infantile politicians and those who realise they will never control anything - rioters.

Dave and Nick are both in the grip of deep, infantile need. They will snatch toys, poke eyes and bite until they (fail to) get what they (are convinced) they must have.

Those who brought about the perverse events of 9/11, are of similar ilk, and similarly demon-driven.

It (The Age of Perversity) will end in tears.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011


I am getting grief from Newbury's MP, Richard Benyon. He asserts I am irrational. He asserts the statements in the flyer below (delivered to me 5th May 2010) are true. I say the ones concerning Gordon Brown are false. Can you read them as true?

The same generic Liar Flyer was delivered to the blameless folk of Cheltenham. It can be viewed at ' BUT: whereas, in Newbury, the Conservative retained his seat (i.e. he 'won') in Cheltenham, the LibDem retained his seat. THE CONSERVATIVES LOST - WE GOT A HUNG PARLIAMENT. But Gordon Brown did not return. A DOUBLE WHAMMY!

So were the assertions in the Liar Flyer true - by any stretch of an irrational MP's imagination?
Or are we looking at a 'False Instrument' as described in the 'Representation of the People Act 1983 section 115'? And are those sitting MPs who employed it to apply 'undue influence' to the voter mind, guilty of MISCONDUCT IN PUBLIC OFFICE?

Do let me know. If you can prove the assertions true, please 'SHOW YOUR WORKING' as exam papers used to say.

Monday, 13 June 2011


IFFY (A Kiplingesque look at the Westminster Ethos)

If you can catch his eye when all about you are would-be heirs, eager to catch it too;
If you can get rosetted for a safe seat - be voted in - yet think they voted “you”
If you can fawn and not be galled by fawning or, being out-fawned, plot the sod’s demise,
Then, sidelined, coolly wait for that new dawning, and bide your time with rivals none the wize

If you can carry-can for some disaster - not of your making - and display no pain;
If you can meet with whips and saints of plaster and bow to both and never once abstain;
If you connive at crafted untruth spoken by twisted knave to beat the voter-mules
And watch their trust, invested in you, broken, and stoop to further dupe the bloody fools;

If you can made a heap of wild expenses and care for Code of Conduct, not one toss,
Then meekly give some back, to mend his fences, and save the red face of the party boss;
If you contrive your bile and gorge to batten as you ask crass set-questions in The House,
And so gain crumbs that your lean status fatten, as you aspire to: ‘Senior Servile Louse’;

If you can subvert crowds with faux charisma, or meet a Queen - with neither gaining much;
If you can breathe that Westminster miasma; if all folk count with you - as prop or crutch;
If you can fill Big Ben’s impostured minute with party games and politician-fun,
Then surely - as PM - you’ll drop us in it, and we’ll have got ourselves another one!

Friday, 29 April 2011


The more I hear of neuropsychology, the more the madness of world politics seems to make sense. And the more I ponder the foregoing, the more I conclude that it has to be this way, because it is fundamental to mankind to be perverse. In less complicated times, we seem to have found ways to limit our perversity, strict taboos being one mechanism, but all that is behind us.

Human babies are born totally vulnerable, and in my view, programmed to mitigate that vulnerability whilst striving for control. Paradoxically, if these programmes are not modified or suppressed in the fully grown individual, without powerful cultural constraints being in place, the sort of runaway madness that we now see worldwide, must inexorably arise. Our massive capacity for manipulation, of both the outer and inner worlds, for survival and advancement, now runs rampant and destructively so. Highly driven individuals, whether engendered from nature or nurture, in the modern world of massive power residing in wealth or armaments or both, now rise rapidly to positions of near absolute authority and wreak havoc.

It is said that psychopaths are overrepresented in positions of power, and is also said that they are skilled practitioners of George Orwell’s doublethink. It would certainly appear so. In recent years, we have seen leaders of both America and Britain, behave very strangely, applying a mixture of oppression and subversion to their people, in launching righteous war, as they saw fit. The trend continues. Meanwhile, in both countries, all measures of civilisation are diminishing.

The problem with pondering such matters, is that one realises one’s own distortions, as well as those of source information impinge, and edge perception towards an Alice in Wonderland unreality which one must, necessarily, view from Alice’s perspective. A very odd perspective indeed! And should it all suddenly makes sense, there is a very real danger that the ‘sense’ is unique to oneself. This is no place to be if sanity is to be maintained! Looking for ‘validating purpose’ is clearly to no avail, so one might as well give up one’s life to an unknowable God!

It is presumably at this point, those with unconducive brain chemistry, cut off their ear, pluck out their eyes, or simply take an overdose. In this enquiry, I would not start from here.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011


During the (apparently) long periods of planetary harshness, ingenuity might well have been vital to human survival; but in the short periods of quiescence and ease, there seems not enough time to redesign (evolve) before the next ice-age or cataclysm arrives. Thus, the current period of easy-living has allowed ingenuity to turn to unnecessary pursuits that rush to perversity. (By analogy: it is believed that our immune system, robbed of its constant struggle with ancient internal foes (parasites etc) by that same ingenuity, is turning upon our bodily infrastructure, causing pernicious ‘auto-immune’ misery to burgeon.)

Wisdom – an increasingly scarce attribute of mankind – surely dictates that we should only espouse novelty (inventiveness) after a prolonged circumspection. Again – the opposite prevails. Modern man not only seeks, and deploys, everything new – junking the ‘old’ – he actually lauds the process as innovation and growth, and proceeds in haste.

It would appear that in ‘primitive’ (sustainable) societies, the new, was often taboo. Perhaps intuition is another attribute lost in recent times?


As the Oyster yields a pearl
man invents.
Neither realises their fecundity
is rooted in irritation:
of one - the body
of the other - the mind.
Man kills the oyster
for its pearl.
And kills his own World
for that eureka moment of invention

Sunday, 20 March 2011


Right now, no one knows to what degree bread and circuses are going to be unaffordable in Britain - at least, to the ordinary masses. Add the unassimilated, multicultural, proto-Balkan sub-mass, and we have a potential for anything from unrest to disorder. But I am not finished adding: Those who are (at least partially) awake, know that money, media, Mammon and Westminster are cahoots, in the supply of bread and circuses, and in the elevation of the rich, powerful and famous. They will fight to keep 'what is theirs'.

We are constantly told (with arguable validity) that electronic networking and 'viral' spread of ideas, information and plotted actions, endangers the power that 'they' have over us. It would be illuminating to know how prepared our rulers are to block, or remove, the people's intranet. Are they prepared at all?

For the purposes of this thought-experiment, let's assume nationwide unrest is triggered. Perhaps after 9/11 proved a structured lie, but ‘he’ got away with it; or Westminster was belatedly found to be ill-structured, inept, and self-serving; or Europe was shown to be a political deception, with a hidden agenda - probably all of these.

Now, it happens, that America has spawned a new group of dissenters; they hark back to allegiance to the people through the Constitution - not obedience to Obama. They say they are ready to defend 'liberty' in those terms. Potential revolution? Could something similar happen here, in the light of the above? When enough people are 'past caring', i.e. dumped out of the rat race, they are free to gather, protest, resist and to be a 'threat' to the established order, without further loss.

This is the point where the Westminster Citadel pulls up the drawbridge. The cipher-ninnies unite in self-preservation (a small step from self-interest) and declare a State of Emergency. All violence from the people is now ‘Terrorism’ (the laws are in place) and military head-cracking, supplants the police kind. Confrontation escalates, Belfast style.

At what point does the proxy King of England, dictating from the Royal Palace of Westminster, call on the militia, with the customary nod and wink, to KILL HIS OWN PEOPLE?

Friday, 18 March 2011


All British Prime Ministers KILL THEIR OWN PEOPLE (for profit) through permitted sale of alcohol and tobacco; the disease that rots the organs, prior to death, amounts to preliminary TORTURE, for the subject and their family.

Because of the feudal Westminster Palace configuration (hierarchical parties with absolute leaders, and whips) Blair AND JUST ONE OTHER needy, deluded wannabe (IDS) was all it took to get into Dubya's war. When an unprecedented mass of people demonstrated against it - Blair DICTATED.

At that point, Britain sank to a MAD DICTATORSHIP (sounds familiar?). Not content with BUSINESS AS USUAL, killing his own, Blair rushed to iniquitous destruction and slaughter, in Iraq - with righteous cries. And all this from a leader who was getting more Christian, and god-fearing, EVERY DAY.

Blair killed his own people (as Dave’s government now does) and added the killing of Johnnie Foreigner to his tally. Mote and Beam anyone?


Wednesday, 2 March 2011


As my jaw slowly drops, I am proving to myself, beyond doubt, that Political Parties are unregulated in this counterfeit democracy. Our counterfeit governance, has seen to it that Political Parties are neither regulated by Westminster nor by statute.

In the news today, we have OFCOM fussing, ineffectually, about the lies of broadband suppliers. But THERE IS NO OFPOL! What is more, Political Parties DO NOT EXIST in any formalised way, that permits CONFRONTATION, or CALLING TO ACCOUNT. They do not operate under Britain’s trumpeted RULE OF LAW.

What a farce! Westminster is OUT OF CONTROL.

In the 2010 General Election, the Conservative Party widely issued a flyer (variously modified) carrying the blatant lie: "THE CONSERVATIVES MUST WIN HERE TO STOP ANOTHER 5 YEARS OF GORDON BROWN". In fact, it is a double lie, as no one could guarantee Brown's return under any or all circumstances, and the use of 'HERE' stands out starkly, as undue influence on the recipient locality.

Challenge to the Conservative Party goes unanswered. As said: there is no OFPOL (Office of Politics). The ASA are prohibited from action (though they sent all parties a sad pre-election plea for integrity) and the Electoral Commission is subtitled 'NOT ME GUV'.

THERE is the shining British example to the world - atop which Dave commands the terrible Gaddafi: 'IN THE NAME OF BRITISH INTEGRITY GO, AND GO NOW!'

Sunday, 27 February 2011


A drug Tsar, in Reading (Berkshire) once said to me: "We have no drug problem - only a people problem - people whose lives are so wretched they escape to drugs."

I echo: "We have no money problem - only a people problem - people who, though higher up the scale, yet have lives so wretched (well disguised) that they escape into delusional manipulation of their fellow, for personal gain.

The common factor is that both are addicted and both need, always, 'another hit'.

The greater pool of trend-setter humanity (our lot) is on a downward path of immaturity. Political leaders are drawn from the most needy (driven) of this pool. Such people are brilliant at the 'animal arts' but no bloody use at wisdom, honour, integrity etc; and the last thing they master is SELF KNOWLEDGE.

Therein lies the global problem. You can apply monetary manoeuvres, and growth stimuli, till the sky falls, but with declining social competence in both leaders and universally suffered (sic) voters, the result will inevitably be failure, regardless.

Friday, 25 February 2011


It is so glaringly simple - and obvious. Under the amoral Westminster Ethos (that so recently caught a banking cold) we are second in the world for KMD (Kill Maim Destroy) weaponry. Out of the profits, we self-aggrandisingly pay away 0.7% in aid. Bomb here - aid there; it's the Christian way. In short, we are not only hypocritical, we are venal and we are corrupt. And that is before Breakfast, before Lunch and before Tea. You would think that 'physically sick Dave' would be putting his own house in order, before prancing round the world, flogging lethal 'defence weapons' while dispensing home-SPUN righteousness.

When oh when will we stop GETTING OURSELVES ALWAYS ANOTHER ONE and start facing up to our INCREDIBLE presence in the world? We are a disgrace; a mockery; a joke. We could be so much more, but just like the Libyans, the Egyptians, the Tunisians etc, we are under the thumb of Westminster and its spawn: a sequence of deluded, manipulative, exploitative DICTATORS.

Sunday, 20 February 2011


Acquiring language was a mistake. There is only so much unpleasantness a dumb animal can visit on another dumb animal, but language brings the possibility for endless invention in the field of mental hurt (now known to “light up” the same brain areas as physical hurt!).
Language is the main tool of the advertiser, seducer, preacher, bully and con-artist. It is also how we drive ourselves mad inside our own heads.
Language is not absolute, unlike facial expressions which are common all over the world. The few sounds we share with animals: the hiss, purr, growl – and the uniquely human laugh – are also common currency, but once we stray into language, Babel ensues.
Worst of all are the misunderstandings within one language; between native speaker and linguist-foreigner, dialect and dialect – husband and wife. . .
Fred Trappist – founder of the order of monks who take his name, was an astute guy. He realised that if they never said a word, there would be no plotting, no factions, no spread of doubt; back to basics.
Without language you can’t write “Mein Kampf” or “Das Kapital” nor can you get into higher maths as you have no words for “six” or “square root”. There goes The Bomb.
You can’t invent a lot of unnecessary junk like TVs and washing machines which, in its turn, prevents pollution – about which, being without language, you couldn’t moan ineffectually either.
Think of all those sermons not being spouted! One god divided poignantly among three faiths (and divided again within them) all done by the relentless transforming of ideas – all thanks to language. Then a whole lot more gods, with books written in their name (always unsigned) full of complicated, contradictory advice and admonitions; all there in black and white shades of grey.
“In the beginning was the word”. Never was a truer word spoken; it spelled d o o m.


So now we know - the chimps are smart
just a couple of whoops says what’s in their heart.
While man struggles on, too clever by half
our branch of The Tree just gives God a cheap laugh.

Yes we evolved language to drive ourselves mad
to mask true intent and confuse good with bad.
On language-based science we ascend to the stars
at odds down on Earth - we’ll be more so on Mars.

So I’ll hear no more spoken of man’s lofty status
as we hate each-other, each other will hate us.
We’ve all gone down hill since the Tower of Babel
all DOING like mad - at just BEING unable.

Survival needs naught but the birds and the bees
rise up, come with me, we’ll go back to the trees;
I have looked at the future - come up with a ploy:
just hang on a branch and give two whoops for joy!

Saturday, 19 February 2011


Dear Nick Clegg

I think we can swing the AV referendum your way. Here’s the plan:

If you arrange for AV voting slips to have a tick-box for ‘OPT OUT’, this will enfranchise all the voters who currently opt out by staying at home, but who are wickedly vilified as indolent, for their entirely principled stand.

Voters who tick the OPT OUT box, should not tick any other. All opt outs to be counted and announced, as with actual votes.

I am sure you will appreciate how much this facility will advance the attractiveness of AV in the mind of the electorate, and further convinced you will see that it brings us nearer to full democracy.


Saturday, 12 February 2011


She drives us into school for a maximum of our tender, formative years, such that we emerge immature and institutionalised. Then she turns her back, mumbling something about 'Big Society'.

Nanny could not care less that SMALL PEOPLE DON'T BUILD BIG ANYTHING.

We have had many generations of schooling by state-edict (i.e. 'because Nanny says so'). We now start the poor mites at two, such that school should be re-named 'FOLLOW-ON FORMULA'. By the time they leave, their primary skill is 'school' - i.e. they are INSTITUTIONALISED. And because we ALL go through the same ticky-tacky sausage machine, we all come out 'just the same', and UNABLE TO SEE WHAT HAS BEEN DONE TO US (except those destined for eccentricity, dysfunction - or prison).

The Nanny State is, de facto, fundamental to the school-based society. Now we must suffer the (oh so Westminster) subterfuge of being 'set free' - but only after legs, back and mind have been broken. (Remember what Geoffrey Howe said to Maggie?)

Nanny has not been dismissed; she has not gone anywhere. Her finest achievement has been to become barely perceptible. We have come to accept schooling, in place of maturing (parenting) - just as Winston came to love Big Brother.

If you find a hint of humour in the above - I have failed.

Thursday, 10 February 2011


Governments purport to be at pains to improve HEALTH, WEALTH, LAW n ORDER and EDUCATION.

HEALTH: They run a sickening social regime in tandem with a National Repair Service, with emotional health neglected.

WEALTH: Nothing has changed since the Bible reported on money. It's a cultural issue, not structural.

L and O: Again - cultural. Our culture is of cheating, manipulating, lying and dog eat dog; LED FROM WESTMINSTER. Police, courts and prisons are not the answer.

EDUCATION: Schooling is not learning. It INCREASINGLY parts parents from children, hence learning TO PARENT is lost. A nation of orphans.

Westminster attracts 'the wrong kind of mentality'. Westminster takes pride in its POLITICS. Politics is not governance.

Monday, 7 February 2011


Having sat through the excruciating stumble of Jack Straw's third appearance (Sir Rod was magnificent) I thought you might like this example of how Newspeak is alive and well.

With regard to Iraq, Chortling Jack (the chuckle was never far away) employed the term 'COERCIVE DIPLOMACY' as one pre-invasion option. It translates as 'Threatening Behaviour' (bullying?) the sort of thing we civilised folk, living democratically, under the Rule of Law, would only ever do to some Johnnie Foreigner - and then only in his own arena, with a massive armed force at our back.

With marauding cowards like us in the world, why should it worry about terrorists?

Wednesday, 2 February 2011


(Britain has been declared No 26 democracy.)

Intelligence sources (sorry - can't tell you) say, in extensive, detailed and authoritative terms, that Terror has smuggled radioactive material into Britain, and is planning a number of dirty bombs.

We go to Sparkling Crimson alert, aka 'TERRIFYING', and Cobra meets under the stairs at No 10. IDS says he has seen the future and we should all believe Cameron - Nick says: "I agree with Dave."

Parliament is suspended and a Terror Cabinet rules by edict. Troops on the streets (the fat and useless ones who don't fight). Young men react to authority in the only way they know. Then, to quote Jaunty: "the ring leaders now start to get snatched for a few months of police 'questioning'".

This is not a joke - repeat: this is not a joke. Just remember Dave gets 'physically sick when prisoners vote'. He starts from a highish state of right/wrong arousal, wouldn't you say? (They are the ones you have to watch.)

Today Egypt . . .

Thursday, 20 January 2011


I close my eyes to send away the mayhem in the streets
But the flame seeps through and flickers; all my defence, defeats.
The rioters sweep back and forth, throughout this English town
Where we stood at bay, in Hitler’s day: now forty shades of brown.

Our politicians hold the view that working men are mules
They have multicultured us, deciding THEY are worth OUR tools.
Our jobs all went to immigrants but now they wear a frown
And unrest is seen, on the village green, in forty shades of brown.

I wish that I could see why politicians are so dumb
What led them to believe it was OK for all to come.
As 'citizens' we school them, to recognise the Crown
But I'll wager She, was unprepared as me, for forty shades of brown.

All together now . . .

Monday, 10 January 2011


Once Grandma added an egg - now granddaughter adds alcohol.
And The Straw Man, is The Schumacher of Westminster (lighting reflexes to change direction).

In our version of Ancient Rome, we have certain given 'goods' that we no longer perceive for what they are. Adversarialism (law and politics), institutionalised learning (school), imaginary money, psychological advertising, and alcohol. My list in not exhaustive.)

Alcohol is the weft of a warped society. Ladettes are marinated in its poisonous molecule, yielding the 'Easy Meat' of the Straw Man's calculated utterance. But has alcohol been mentioned, in the recent furore? ALL MY LIFE, white, indigenous males have plied, the object of their lust with alcohol, as a 'means to an end'.

Alcohol fuels, lubricates, uplift, brings down and destroy all aspects of British 'culture', from birth to funeral. The founder of our state religion turned the WATER OF LIFE into WINE. Wine is characterised by the ALCOHOL OF DEATH. It seems our God approves this union; 'LET NO MAN PUT ASUNDER'.

Only the wisdom to inspect our 'false goods', can prevent the fall of our Rome.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011


In UK General Elections, Lords, and some law-breakers (held in prison) cannot vote. Neither can the young (under 18) but the senile, short of being sectioned, may do so, even if they no longer have any idea what a ‘vote’ is. This is the essence of universal suffrage. What is more, recent (legal) immigrants, with not a shred of our heritage or culture to their being, and speaking fewer words of English than they have bangles, may vote.

Universal Suffrage is presented as a ‘given good’; a mark of a civilised democracy, a Great British triumph – an institution. Truly we are a nation led by fools, knaves or both. I am no scholar of history, but believe that one once had to be QUALIFIED to vote. And since the result of voting, is a bunch of people charged with managing the country, competence in the voter seems eminently sensible. So how did we end up in the current mess? I think politicians were behind it.

Observation of the modern political scene, leads me to the conclusion that any unrest in the general population is measured, in Westminster, for its advantage or disadvantage to each party. I surmise that various disenfranchised groups, as each one became a ‘cause’, were given the vote, in the belief of the party in power that it could be to their advantage. (Currently they are trying to gauge if 16 year old voters are an asset. Then it will be 14.)

Over the last century, a number of experiments were carried out that showed just how tractable (dupable) the typical individual is. Advertisers rely on it. Armies depend on it. Politicians delight in it. Voters divide into loyal-unthinking, the gullible, and the despairing-aware. The voting system has been twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools. It is endlessly tinkered with but never reformed in the interests of recognisable democracy. Were this to be addressed, the first requirement would be a CERTIFICATE OF VOTING COMPETENCE.

The bulk of competent voters would be drawn from the ‘despairing aware’ above. I suspect the gullible would remain beyond retrieval and just a few un-thinkers might be ‘turned’. Surely competence must be proved in many walks of life – why not in the matter of General Election voting, to install a government? I note that such discrimination is applied to jurors, yet no court of law has taken this country to war. Ignorance and stupidity are as limiting, to the human mind, as alcohol. I don’t know if there is a law against ‘voting while drunk and incapable’ but my point is surely made?

I offer the above as a viable case against universal suffrage and as an argument for a radical change in our voting arrangements, opening the way to SPOIL PARTY GAMES.

Saturday, 1 January 2011


When they say anything at all, that has the ring of truth about it, politicians are often found saying: "I came into politics to make a difference". Personally, I hold the view that (like Bluebottle in the Goon Show) they 'WANT TO BE THE MAN' that makes a difference; they want a LEGACY and they want their name on it. This boils down to an ambition to wield power over others, for personal aggrandisement. Hence my coinage: "Politics is the art of self deceit, wrapped in the craft of deceiving others, for their own good."

In so many ways, the politician is identical to the con-man; do con-men, also, fool themselves that they are ACTUALLY honourable? What with constituency work, the party whip, and ambition to high office, all potentially at odds, the politician has little room for integrity. And now that so many are actually TRAINED to do politics, AS AN END IN ITSELF, the small matter of competence in the various offices of state, is eclipsed. So painfully self evident in recent times!

Why do Westminster MPs presume to call themselves 'HONOURABLE'? It smacks of insecurity to me. I suppose it belongs to the world of 'HIS GRACE' and 'THE VENERABLE', but are MPs not COMMONERS? Are they not supposed to be one with US? Whence comes their elevation? When the Cold War chilled us, the USSR would preface their being with 'THE PEACE LOVING PEOPLES OF', even as their menacing parades of armaments, trundled through Red Square. They too were insecure. We need a higher calibre of MP to run our lives.

When the 'COALITION OF DAVE’S SHILLING' (that Nick 'took', while being bought) finally collapses under it's own weight of infamy, let's try to see a few changes made at the next General Election. We must demand a box on the voting paper that says: 'A PLAGUE ON ALL YOUR HOUSES, AND ESPECIALLY WESTMINSTER' - I am a free agent, I WILL be counted’. We need an atmosphere of ROSETTE DENIGRATION and promotion of the INTEGRITY OF THE INDEPENDENT CANDIDATE (as urged by Martin Bell). If we are to break free from the oppressive hold that THE WESTMINSTER CITADEL exerts over us, I can see no better place to start than to: SPOILPARTYGAMES.

Good luck England.