Saturday, 31 July 2010


The seven tenets of civilisation - our way - are:


No. 8 - DEATH - is prohibited, for all but heroes.


Wednesday, 28 July 2010


LEARNING is inexorable (as inexorable as the Top Gear Lads looking at short skirts - and the odd inverted burka - when they should be watching the road.)

EDUCATION is a mixed blessing. You can't get chocolate out of a machine where the chocolate bay is empty. Best to go for a sandwich - money well spent.

SCHOOL was instituted with the Henry Ford approach - the idea was to make ticky-tacky: all just the same. Unfortunately dumb politicians still can't see that a partition occurs: while the 'ticky' tick obediently to Mammon's rhythm, the 'tacky' get stuck, go nowhere, and ultimately succumb to gravity in a smear of decline.

How poignant (nay droll) that my antisocial personality SAVED ME FROM INSTITUTIONALISATION! They could not get me into a little box - I refused to be part of 'all the same'.

I suspect I have failed more exams than I have passed. I venture that constitutes a telling comment but more on education's malfunction than on mine.

I fought Education and Education lost.

Saturday, 24 July 2010


Messiah Tony failed here and is now saving the Middle East from a clash of extremist belief; saviour McCavity failed here, and has now popped up to save Africa, with Broadband. When 'Certainty Dave' fails, what might his psychological tipple be? A 'Declaration of Absolute Global Right and Wrong' perhaps? He's getting in some practice, with Olympian interference! I gather Dave was gifted his certainty from his magistrate Mother - she is quoted as 'teaching him right and wrong'. Did she also teach him not to muddle them up? It's always the parents - isn't it! (:o)


I have long considered school as the single most powerful INSTITUTIONALISING (development arresting) feature of 'civilisation' as currently configured (aka Western).

I venture to assert that - all other things equal - maturity (both individual and societal) is inversely proportional to the emphasis on schooling. I further assert this is exacerbated by schooling of the VERY YOUNG. Let's leave schooling to aquatic life-forms, and look for an optimum developmental approach for new homSaps, that leads each individual to maximise their life-potential.

However, as this would bring an end to Westminster, party politics, barking leaders and a seat at the Globopoly table, there is no future in it.

Friday, 23 July 2010


Alan Duncan's repeated words: "We are leading the world", on The Daily Politics, refer to aid.

How telling - they translate as "Britain is still playing GLOBOPOLY in style" (with tax-money, for the satisfaction of a few megalomaniac politicians).

At the Globopoly board, GDP, nukes held, aid sprayed, and military adventures, give you an advantage in THE GAME. Meanwhile our nation is rotting at the core - both physically and psychologically.



We Brits are inclined to characterise other countries as dour, excitable etc. Well - it is becoming all too apparent that Britain - by virtue of her governance - is nationally (and internationally) PERVERSE. Shirley Bassey had a song for it.

Many before me, have pointed to the 'Sickness Service' that we call the NHS. That might sound accidental. But is it not true that we have a policy of LEAVING PEOPLE TO MAKE THEMSELVES ILL, AND THEN MAINTAINING THEM IN THEIR ILLNESS? Television - a cannula to the psyche - feeds poisonous 'norms' to all and sundry (termed 'entertainment') only breaking off to sell us what we neither need, should have, nor can afford. All this, our government does to gain tax-income which is then 'SPENT ON US' as largesse, much of it going into the 'Health Service'.

I don't think it gets much more PERVERSE than that. Killing Johnnie Foreigner, on a tenuous whim, is just a harmless pastime by comparison. And there's more.

Thursday, 22 July 2010


Is Harpy-Phobia a hate crime yet?

I can never see the rationality in 'representative masses' - whatever the basis. The police are always trying to get more brown officers, but if a brown crime was going down, and they PICKED a brown bobby to send, surely that would be discrimination (no pun intended, but rather good eh?)

As for parliament, we have had two woman Home Secretaries, in succession. I admit one looked no stranger to violence, but does Kitten Shoes REALLY have any appreciation of Testosterone-fuelled VISCERAL violence?

I have bemoaned 'Toilet Door Syndrome' in gender-typing before. A bloke in a skirt is not a woman, neither are all the self-selected harpies who can ACTUALLY BREATHE in that fetid Chamber (pot). Women born to mothering and the gentle life, find the political ethos (as currently configured) anathema. And there's the clue. Governance should be by mature, competent individuals - any gender - who can subsume self for a better country/world. The exact opposite of what we have now.


Sunday, 18 July 2010


The 'obscured woman' debate is going wild.

On the few occasions that I have worn sun glasses OF A TYPE THAT TOTALLY HIDE THE EYES I have felt very empowered indeed. One can study every detail of an attractive woman without either embarrassment or detection.

It is, of course, deeply intrusive, offensive, cowardly and disgraceful.

Any mention of sunglasses in the Quran?

The whole debate highlights a/ cultures should not mix - multiculturalism is a myth b/ religious dogmas appeal to our juvenile state.


Liam Fox MD (who keeps us safe and well by overseeing the killing of Johnnie Foreigner) used the term 'NUCLEAR BLACKMAIL' this morning. It was new to me, so I did a little reading. I found that nuclear blackmail works best when the finger on the button belongs to an unstable individual. No wonder 'they' want to kill us! Britain is collectively going mad. The most driven and needy enter Westminster and once installed, the most delusional among them becomes Prime Minister. Be afraid world - BE VERY AFRAID.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010



Kenneth Clarke - the man who put the "bleh bleh bleh" into 'blether' - has declared prison-number-rise and reduction in crime, unconnected.
Tobacco Baron Ken, also saw no connection between the number of tobacco addicts - sick and dying from their entrapment - as unconnected with BAT advertising and sale of cigarettes. (Like criminals, smokers made a simple choice to ruin their lives - apparently.)

Clarke sees a link between prosperity and criminality, but fails to see the link between BAT profit and hospital admissions.

This is just the sort of clear, conducive-to-the-good, thinking that we need in governance. And Clarke is yet another example of the (un)kind of person that is attracted to (and thrives in) the unhealthy Palace of Westminster.

Monday, 5 July 2010


For a General election candidate to arrive, as a name on the ballot paper, by far the majority of them have to be PRE-SELECTED (from the mass of the people) by virtue of ambition and tractability to the party system (whipping and fawning) under the Westminster ethos. In short - they are an ODD LOT with little in common with the common people.

Against this enduring reality, no tinkering with the voting rules will improve the self-serving governance of Westminster. Once again, as with the supposed 'clean up' after the allowances revelations, we are being thrown a distraction to chew on, impotently.

Friday, 2 July 2010


Westminster has all the characteristics of a living entity, but no discernable heart. It dominates Britain like the fairytale Dragon dominates the simple village.

But the Monster of Westminster does not devour maidens, as such, rather it destroys all that is embodied in her archetype: uncorrupted decency. Like any life-form, the Westminster Monster is programmed to survive, and has adapted well to its location. It will mutate further, if its life is threatened – but suicide will never be an option. Dragons do not vote for St George’s Day. When injured (a rare event) the Minster Monster has a range of recovery mechanisms and repair strategies – its self-healing properties are legendary.

Within Westminster, human units function as ‘cells’, performing a variety roles, but always with a ‘collective mind’ dedicated to the survival of the host body. Renewal of aberrant, redundant or dead cells, is by incremental replacement. Periodic ‘elections’ are performed among the ordinary folk, wherein they are permitted to choose from candidates already proxy-vetted by the parties; the parties in turn, in thrall to the Monster. This ensures unending life for the Minster Monster.

This Dragon has dominated our ‘village’ for so long, no one questions its stranglehold on all our lives. A few who supply treasure – the other obsession of Dragons – escape its foul breath and baleful eye, the rest live and die unquestioning. No villager has the given name of ‘George’ any more.