Thursday, 27 May 2010


Iain Duncan Smith, second only to Tony 'Mars' Blair, as a 'Bringer of War', is the leading 'light' at the Centre for Social Justice - and he believes he is tackling the corrosive effects of welfare on the borderline workshy.

Meanwhile government intends to tinker with the mainstay of British life (pleasure, pain, crime, degradation, health) i.e. ALCOHOL, by adjusting the price. More for the brewers - more tax take.

Never was the truth more stark, that you need NO HUMAN MANAGEMENT SKILLS TO MANAGE BRITAIN. Any fool should see: our problems are CULTURAL. British culture is 50% warp (the word speaks for itself) and 50% alcoholic weft, woven tightly together. None of our nonentity ninnies, signed up to the Big Westminster Lie, have either competence or motivation to unpick this mess.

Perhaps MPs should get performance-related-pay? But we would have to define 'performance' carefully, or Tony would be demanding back-money!

Oh - it's all going awfully well.


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