Thursday, 11 April 2013


Maggie is dead, and I am in a state of shock. Not because she died (expectedly) but because there is a stream of individuals, who were blind to her glaring abnormalities, and hypnotised by her Blair-like aura of self-invention. These are now coming forward with eulogies, while collectively organising an extravaganza of sand and candy-floss, to see her off. Quite what the Queen’s ‘motivation in this scene’ is, remains to be uncovered.

Once again, this depressing ‘Age of Perversity’ is demonstrating the sterile, cerebral nature of its value-judgements (wealth, profit, speed, yield, efficiency, etc) while the intuitive/visceral/feeling (female) capacity of the whole individual, is devalued. And I, for one, cannot help seeing the connection between the latter loss, and Maggie’s, mechanistic reign. Maggie had no time for simple contentment and human flourishing. Her ‘inner female’ was kept for calculated display, to be reported through the opportunistic press, to the duped proles. Sleeping little, she ‘managed’ us with harsh male dogma, and with the empathy of a private zoo owner.

Maggie – an alien life form – landed on Planet England and set about adjusting the atmosphere to meet her comfort. Some could hardly breathe, but others adapted . . . These adaptees are naturally of a mind to maintain the changes she wrought. Blair, a similar alien, could breathe freely and the trend continued. Girls are now raised and schooled to the Thatcher ideal. Their children seek wealth, possessions, and adulation. While government frets over bricks-and-mortar housing, mental illness (eviction from self) is rising. This is no triumph for a woman.

Westminster Creatures are chosen for their alien characteristics, by party committees; they are chosen to be able to survive in the miasmic atmosphere of Westminster’s fetid Chamber. Consequently, they are not the most representative of us; they are the most alien. Maggie was a quintessential Westminster Creature, but Westminster governance, manifestly, “isn’t working”.

PS: Opportunist Cameron says Maggie saved the country. “No! No! No!” Godlike: she remade us in her own image; we are thereby ‘lost’. Britain, today, is a much harsher country; irreversibly so. Ironically, the very attributes Cameron is praising, in his parliamentary eulogy, confirm her toughness, physical endurance, and combative qualities; none of the above being archetypal attributes of a natural human female. She was alien, even to her body-typing.