Wednesday, 7 April 2010


The blinkered, the gullible, the ever-hopeful and the truly dim, vote into Parliament the narcissistic, the arrogant, the self-serving and the deranged. Within Westminster, sub-groupings (parties) play ‘war-games’ - with the winner of every battle pre-ordained by the preceding election. This we call democracy.

The election winners – the party of government - collect taxes. Out of this money they overpay themselves, fund wars in foreign lands – that are engaged in on a whim – and indulge in many an ‘initiative’ like unwieldy IT schemes and (say) ‘Smiling in English’ courses, for immigrants; all doomed to fail.

There are only two progenitors of glorious error: FOOLS and KNAVES. Westminster is, to a man (and proxy man) filled with both – sometimes in one body! Inside that Poseur Palace, these unrepresentative wannabes learn to honour and obey all that is dishonourable. They rise, by submergence of self – with the exception of raw ambition – and Gollum-like fawning to party: leader/hierarchy/whips/dogma/message/lies/deceit, and the latest party-sound-bite. Those who develop the ability to do without sleep and human niceties, while mastering obfuscation and question-deflection, rise to the top of the slippery heap – a considerable feat! It follows that only the VERY PECULIAR attain high office, and from that rare group is drawn A PRIME MINISTER.

Because Westminster is a feudally organised institution – from the duelling-spaced confrontational benches, to the silly dress, and time-wasting rituals, the proxy Monarch (Prime Minister) has ‘life and death’ say, on a whim, over his Knights and Barons (Secretaries of State and ministers) and they repay, with grovelling subservience, plus the occasional ‘assassination’. Westminster is supposed to manage Britain on our behalf. Few successful company managements see advantage in suddenly giving the transport manager, R&D to run and Sales to the production boss. So why do Prime Ministers, routinely, do this? No prizes. Hardly surprising, then, when (say) an ex-postman who has been ‘doing Health’, makes some odd decisions after being ‘given’ law-n-Order to play with.

In the light of the above, we should not be surprised that, whilst we might seem to be prospering as a nation, the truth is that we are ‘default managed’ in the negative terms of mending sickness, controlling crime and warring with (perceived) threat when, were we governed by wise managers, it would be for less illness and fewer crimes at the outset; in short: more contentment. If you would rather see a contented Britain, consider: ‘MPs and the cause of MPs’. Seek out competence and integrity in any candidate; generally amounting to a local choice. Refuse party plants, chosen for party loyalty and ambition.

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