Wednesday, 14 April 2010


It is an accepted scientific tenet, that energy and matter are interchangeable. It is an obvious, unavoidable truth, that money and power, are in a similar relationship. Power = Money + Corruption. What is more, if we exclude the odd Saint, WE ALL HAVE OUR PRICE. Those with sufficient money, suitably applied, ultimately control us.

It follows, from the above, that to gain power, money may be spent – to gain absolute power, spent in eye-watering amounts. President Obama’s supreme power was reportedly bought for, in excess of, $1 billion. That figures.

In the coming weeks, one fact is incontrovertible: each political party, with anything that can be described as a ‘fighting fund’ or ‘war chest’, will SHAMELESSLY attempt to BUY THE ELECTION, to whatever degree that it is possible for them. As almost every aspiring MP has pre-sold their soul to a party, the preceding sentence applies equally to the cipher-aspirant parading your high-street. The amorality is stark, the immorality, close to proven; and Westminster runs to the rhythm of these people.

Am I being unreasonable to see some connection with the ‘money = power’ equation and all the horrors recently thrown up by Westminster? No sooner had Tony Blair slipped past ‘Yates of the Yard’, with ‘no case to answer’ (Ks and Ps for cash) than he was gone to spend more time with his (goodly) fortune. Then came the Parliamentary allowances farce; another correlation between a penchant for power and a love of lolly? I rest my case.

The most overt application of money, to the buying of votes, is the phenomenal amount paid to advertising houses and for roadside hoardings. And, be it noted, the advertising is tacky. We have had the rather piggy face of Cameron LENGTHENED, its aspect ratio changed, to make ‘Cameron Tories’ more attractive to voters, by association. The leader of one of the major British political parties, has been found ‘too ugly for purpose’! What manner of man submits to that? When labour put Dave on an Audi bonnet (and egg on their own faces) they went the negative route. Ironically the result was negative also, yet one assumes, they still had to pay.

The bottom line is that power-hungry parties, will cosy-up to some very unsavoury individuals, to fill the coffers. BUT THERE IS ALWAYS A PAY-BACK. I will name no names, as another thing that money can buy is ‘Legal Judgement! Funny that. But you know who they are – well, the ones that came to light. The words ‘iceberg’ and ‘tip’, come to mind . . . Suffice it to say: though our government will have a known flavour after May 6th, NAMELESS MONEY will be in power on a quid pro quo basis.

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