Saturday, 1 May 2010


Some years back, a TV program called 'The Right Stuff' investigated the 'fighter-pilot' mentality, as being unsuitable for airliners, in a crisis.

Westminster Party Politics elevates 'fighter pilot' personalities: cool under fire, focused, quick to react etc. and just look what we get - it isn't democratic governance.

Back to the airliner. With hundreds of passengers at risk, the HERO is alone, in his head, being heroic, detached from any useful input from those around him. All too often the plane did not survive.

While parties pre-select the people WE get to vote for, we will only have a choice within THE WRONG STUFF. People are BEGUILED by the wrong stuff, and then WE CRASH - AGAIN.

We have to find A WAY ROUND the continuing Westminster Ethos. We need a governing body made up of dedicated, selfless, competent individuals of INTEGRITY i.e. the right stuff of DEMOCRATIC GOVERNANCE. Charismatic, orating fighter pilots, will get us all killed. But they will feel GREAT!

Brown is stoic at the controls. Heroic as he spirals down, defiantly emptying his guns on his way to stupid oblivion. So much better if he were able to bail out, and admit he is THE WRONG STUFF.

In passing: IDS was the wrong stuff - we still have a war to prove it.

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