Tuesday, 4 May 2010


As the wannabe frenzy of Clegg/Brown/Cameron rises to a shriek, it is surely obvious that they are of the SAME ILK?

POLICIES are shuffled, highlighted, sidelined, mutated or forgotten, ALL IN THE INTEREST OF GAINING POWER, or in response to the latest change in direction of some political breeze. What remains constant, is the RAW AMBITION OF THE GREAT LEADER and the pathetic, slavish support of the dazzled, unthinking acolytes.

This system gave us Anthony Blair (look at him now) and 'The Quite Man' IDS (who is VERY quiet about the war he granted Tony). LOOK AT THEIR PERSONALITIES! Policies come and go. A bad policy dies - ultimately, a leader with a flawed personality, just comes up with another daft scheme, while deviously holding on to power.

Yet ALL THREE will tell you to judge on policies (while acting like prima donnas). That is the Westminster Creature, operating within the Westminster Lie. Only 'clean skins' (locally chosen independents) returned to Parliament can ever make a difference. (Not even Young Nick.)


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