Tuesday, 8 June 2010


Since the recent election, I have been researching the ‘Political Porky’. I have discovered that neither the Electoral Commission, nor the Advertising Standards Authority have any power (where the WRITTEN word is the medium) to curb such excess in our ‘democratic’ process, and by inference, the politicians themselves, connive (even while complaining ‘at’ one-another).
I understand, from the Commission, that I may make a formal complaint to the Police; to my mind that would constitute ‘Wasting Police Time’ – an offence in itself! The crime is one of ABSENCE OF INTEGRITY – hardly a Police matter.
There is an act – The Representation of the People Act’ - that prohibits the use of a ‘fraudulent device or contrivance’ to influence voting behaviour. By my reckoning, the ‘Political Porky’ contravenes this act. WHAT A VERY BRITISH PARADOX that politicians use it, habitually. I am deeply concerned because of what this state of affairs says about Westminster politics – even dressed in its emperor-like ‘New Clothes’. Do any of your readers have knowledge that might advance my quest? ‘We can’t go on like this’.

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