Sunday, 27 February 2011


A drug Tsar, in Reading (Berkshire) once said to me: "We have no drug problem - only a people problem - people whose lives are so wretched they escape to drugs."

I echo: "We have no money problem - only a people problem - people who, though higher up the scale, yet have lives so wretched (well disguised) that they escape into delusional manipulation of their fellow, for personal gain.

The common factor is that both are addicted and both need, always, 'another hit'.

The greater pool of trend-setter humanity (our lot) is on a downward path of immaturity. Political leaders are drawn from the most needy (driven) of this pool. Such people are brilliant at the 'animal arts' but no bloody use at wisdom, honour, integrity etc; and the last thing they master is SELF KNOWLEDGE.

Therein lies the global problem. You can apply monetary manoeuvres, and growth stimuli, till the sky falls, but with declining social competence in both leaders and universally suffered (sic) voters, the result will inevitably be failure, regardless.

Friday, 25 February 2011


It is so glaringly simple - and obvious. Under the amoral Westminster Ethos (that so recently caught a banking cold) we are second in the world for KMD (Kill Maim Destroy) weaponry. Out of the profits, we self-aggrandisingly pay away 0.7% in aid. Bomb here - aid there; it's the Christian way. In short, we are not only hypocritical, we are venal and we are corrupt. And that is before Breakfast, before Lunch and before Tea. You would think that 'physically sick Dave' would be putting his own house in order, before prancing round the world, flogging lethal 'defence weapons' while dispensing home-SPUN righteousness.

When oh when will we stop GETTING OURSELVES ALWAYS ANOTHER ONE and start facing up to our INCREDIBLE presence in the world? We are a disgrace; a mockery; a joke. We could be so much more, but just like the Libyans, the Egyptians, the Tunisians etc, we are under the thumb of Westminster and its spawn: a sequence of deluded, manipulative, exploitative DICTATORS.

Sunday, 20 February 2011


Acquiring language was a mistake. There is only so much unpleasantness a dumb animal can visit on another dumb animal, but language brings the possibility for endless invention in the field of mental hurt (now known to “light up” the same brain areas as physical hurt!).
Language is the main tool of the advertiser, seducer, preacher, bully and con-artist. It is also how we drive ourselves mad inside our own heads.
Language is not absolute, unlike facial expressions which are common all over the world. The few sounds we share with animals: the hiss, purr, growl – and the uniquely human laugh – are also common currency, but once we stray into language, Babel ensues.
Worst of all are the misunderstandings within one language; between native speaker and linguist-foreigner, dialect and dialect – husband and wife. . .
Fred Trappist – founder of the order of monks who take his name, was an astute guy. He realised that if they never said a word, there would be no plotting, no factions, no spread of doubt; back to basics.
Without language you can’t write “Mein Kampf” or “Das Kapital” nor can you get into higher maths as you have no words for “six” or “square root”. There goes The Bomb.
You can’t invent a lot of unnecessary junk like TVs and washing machines which, in its turn, prevents pollution – about which, being without language, you couldn’t moan ineffectually either.
Think of all those sermons not being spouted! One god divided poignantly among three faiths (and divided again within them) all done by the relentless transforming of ideas – all thanks to language. Then a whole lot more gods, with books written in their name (always unsigned) full of complicated, contradictory advice and admonitions; all there in black and white shades of grey.
“In the beginning was the word”. Never was a truer word spoken; it spelled d o o m.


So now we know - the chimps are smart
just a couple of whoops says what’s in their heart.
While man struggles on, too clever by half
our branch of The Tree just gives God a cheap laugh.

Yes we evolved language to drive ourselves mad
to mask true intent and confuse good with bad.
On language-based science we ascend to the stars
at odds down on Earth - we’ll be more so on Mars.

So I’ll hear no more spoken of man’s lofty status
as we hate each-other, each other will hate us.
We’ve all gone down hill since the Tower of Babel
all DOING like mad - at just BEING unable.

Survival needs naught but the birds and the bees
rise up, come with me, we’ll go back to the trees;
I have looked at the future - come up with a ploy:
just hang on a branch and give two whoops for joy!

Saturday, 19 February 2011


Dear Nick Clegg

I think we can swing the AV referendum your way. Here’s the plan:

If you arrange for AV voting slips to have a tick-box for ‘OPT OUT’, this will enfranchise all the voters who currently opt out by staying at home, but who are wickedly vilified as indolent, for their entirely principled stand.

Voters who tick the OPT OUT box, should not tick any other. All opt outs to be counted and announced, as with actual votes.

I am sure you will appreciate how much this facility will advance the attractiveness of AV in the mind of the electorate, and further convinced you will see that it brings us nearer to full democracy.


Saturday, 12 February 2011


She drives us into school for a maximum of our tender, formative years, such that we emerge immature and institutionalised. Then she turns her back, mumbling something about 'Big Society'.

Nanny could not care less that SMALL PEOPLE DON'T BUILD BIG ANYTHING.

We have had many generations of schooling by state-edict (i.e. 'because Nanny says so'). We now start the poor mites at two, such that school should be re-named 'FOLLOW-ON FORMULA'. By the time they leave, their primary skill is 'school' - i.e. they are INSTITUTIONALISED. And because we ALL go through the same ticky-tacky sausage machine, we all come out 'just the same', and UNABLE TO SEE WHAT HAS BEEN DONE TO US (except those destined for eccentricity, dysfunction - or prison).

The Nanny State is, de facto, fundamental to the school-based society. Now we must suffer the (oh so Westminster) subterfuge of being 'set free' - but only after legs, back and mind have been broken. (Remember what Geoffrey Howe said to Maggie?)

Nanny has not been dismissed; she has not gone anywhere. Her finest achievement has been to become barely perceptible. We have come to accept schooling, in place of maturing (parenting) - just as Winston came to love Big Brother.

If you find a hint of humour in the above - I have failed.

Thursday, 10 February 2011


Governments purport to be at pains to improve HEALTH, WEALTH, LAW n ORDER and EDUCATION.

HEALTH: They run a sickening social regime in tandem with a National Repair Service, with emotional health neglected.

WEALTH: Nothing has changed since the Bible reported on money. It's a cultural issue, not structural.

L and O: Again - cultural. Our culture is of cheating, manipulating, lying and dog eat dog; LED FROM WESTMINSTER. Police, courts and prisons are not the answer.

EDUCATION: Schooling is not learning. It INCREASINGLY parts parents from children, hence learning TO PARENT is lost. A nation of orphans.

Westminster attracts 'the wrong kind of mentality'. Westminster takes pride in its POLITICS. Politics is not governance.

Monday, 7 February 2011


Having sat through the excruciating stumble of Jack Straw's third appearance (Sir Rod was magnificent) I thought you might like this example of how Newspeak is alive and well.

With regard to Iraq, Chortling Jack (the chuckle was never far away) employed the term 'COERCIVE DIPLOMACY' as one pre-invasion option. It translates as 'Threatening Behaviour' (bullying?) the sort of thing we civilised folk, living democratically, under the Rule of Law, would only ever do to some Johnnie Foreigner - and then only in his own arena, with a massive armed force at our back.

With marauding cowards like us in the world, why should it worry about terrorists?

Wednesday, 2 February 2011


(Britain has been declared No 26 democracy.)

Intelligence sources (sorry - can't tell you) say, in extensive, detailed and authoritative terms, that Terror has smuggled radioactive material into Britain, and is planning a number of dirty bombs.

We go to Sparkling Crimson alert, aka 'TERRIFYING', and Cobra meets under the stairs at No 10. IDS says he has seen the future and we should all believe Cameron - Nick says: "I agree with Dave."

Parliament is suspended and a Terror Cabinet rules by edict. Troops on the streets (the fat and useless ones who don't fight). Young men react to authority in the only way they know. Then, to quote Jaunty: "the ring leaders now start to get snatched for a few months of police 'questioning'".

This is not a joke - repeat: this is not a joke. Just remember Dave gets 'physically sick when prisoners vote'. He starts from a highish state of right/wrong arousal, wouldn't you say? (They are the ones you have to watch.)

Today Egypt . . .