Sunday, 20 March 2011


Right now, no one knows to what degree bread and circuses are going to be unaffordable in Britain - at least, to the ordinary masses. Add the unassimilated, multicultural, proto-Balkan sub-mass, and we have a potential for anything from unrest to disorder. But I am not finished adding: Those who are (at least partially) awake, know that money, media, Mammon and Westminster are cahoots, in the supply of bread and circuses, and in the elevation of the rich, powerful and famous. They will fight to keep 'what is theirs'.

We are constantly told (with arguable validity) that electronic networking and 'viral' spread of ideas, information and plotted actions, endangers the power that 'they' have over us. It would be illuminating to know how prepared our rulers are to block, or remove, the people's intranet. Are they prepared at all?

For the purposes of this thought-experiment, let's assume nationwide unrest is triggered. Perhaps after 9/11 proved a structured lie, but ‘he’ got away with it; or Westminster was belatedly found to be ill-structured, inept, and self-serving; or Europe was shown to be a political deception, with a hidden agenda - probably all of these.

Now, it happens, that America has spawned a new group of dissenters; they hark back to allegiance to the people through the Constitution - not obedience to Obama. They say they are ready to defend 'liberty' in those terms. Potential revolution? Could something similar happen here, in the light of the above? When enough people are 'past caring', i.e. dumped out of the rat race, they are free to gather, protest, resist and to be a 'threat' to the established order, without further loss.

This is the point where the Westminster Citadel pulls up the drawbridge. The cipher-ninnies unite in self-preservation (a small step from self-interest) and declare a State of Emergency. All violence from the people is now ‘Terrorism’ (the laws are in place) and military head-cracking, supplants the police kind. Confrontation escalates, Belfast style.

At what point does the proxy King of England, dictating from the Royal Palace of Westminster, call on the militia, with the customary nod and wink, to KILL HIS OWN PEOPLE?

Friday, 18 March 2011


All British Prime Ministers KILL THEIR OWN PEOPLE (for profit) through permitted sale of alcohol and tobacco; the disease that rots the organs, prior to death, amounts to preliminary TORTURE, for the subject and their family.

Because of the feudal Westminster Palace configuration (hierarchical parties with absolute leaders, and whips) Blair AND JUST ONE OTHER needy, deluded wannabe (IDS) was all it took to get into Dubya's war. When an unprecedented mass of people demonstrated against it - Blair DICTATED.

At that point, Britain sank to a MAD DICTATORSHIP (sounds familiar?). Not content with BUSINESS AS USUAL, killing his own, Blair rushed to iniquitous destruction and slaughter, in Iraq - with righteous cries. And all this from a leader who was getting more Christian, and god-fearing, EVERY DAY.

Blair killed his own people (as Dave’s government now does) and added the killing of Johnnie Foreigner to his tally. Mote and Beam anyone?


Wednesday, 2 March 2011


As my jaw slowly drops, I am proving to myself, beyond doubt, that Political Parties are unregulated in this counterfeit democracy. Our counterfeit governance, has seen to it that Political Parties are neither regulated by Westminster nor by statute.

In the news today, we have OFCOM fussing, ineffectually, about the lies of broadband suppliers. But THERE IS NO OFPOL! What is more, Political Parties DO NOT EXIST in any formalised way, that permits CONFRONTATION, or CALLING TO ACCOUNT. They do not operate under Britain’s trumpeted RULE OF LAW.

What a farce! Westminster is OUT OF CONTROL.

In the 2010 General Election, the Conservative Party widely issued a flyer (variously modified) carrying the blatant lie: "THE CONSERVATIVES MUST WIN HERE TO STOP ANOTHER 5 YEARS OF GORDON BROWN". In fact, it is a double lie, as no one could guarantee Brown's return under any or all circumstances, and the use of 'HERE' stands out starkly, as undue influence on the recipient locality.

Challenge to the Conservative Party goes unanswered. As said: there is no OFPOL (Office of Politics). The ASA are prohibited from action (though they sent all parties a sad pre-election plea for integrity) and the Electoral Commission is subtitled 'NOT ME GUV'.

THERE is the shining British example to the world - atop which Dave commands the terrible Gaddafi: 'IN THE NAME OF BRITISH INTEGRITY GO, AND GO NOW!'