Wednesday, 28 July 2010


LEARNING is inexorable (as inexorable as the Top Gear Lads looking at short skirts - and the odd inverted burka - when they should be watching the road.)

EDUCATION is a mixed blessing. You can't get chocolate out of a machine where the chocolate bay is empty. Best to go for a sandwich - money well spent.

SCHOOL was instituted with the Henry Ford approach - the idea was to make ticky-tacky: all just the same. Unfortunately dumb politicians still can't see that a partition occurs: while the 'ticky' tick obediently to Mammon's rhythm, the 'tacky' get stuck, go nowhere, and ultimately succumb to gravity in a smear of decline.

How poignant (nay droll) that my antisocial personality SAVED ME FROM INSTITUTIONALISATION! They could not get me into a little box - I refused to be part of 'all the same'.

I suspect I have failed more exams than I have passed. I venture that constitutes a telling comment but more on education's malfunction than on mine.

I fought Education and Education lost.

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