Sunday, 8 April 2012


I suggest HomSap's brain is rather like the computer that flew an Airbus, slowly but inexorably, into the trees. We are going down, and it seems we cannot override the computer.

Westminster politics elevates the aberrant wannabe to Prime Minister, where they acquire feudal power - for a time.

Many 'educated' minds believe in PARTY politics, the way they believe in God. Going back to the plane crash: airliners have two pilots: are they called 'Government' and 'Opposition' - do they fight over the right way to 'run the lives' of passengers, all the way to the trees?

The same 'educated' individuals get animated about relevance of POLICY over PERSONALITY in politicians. I take this to mean that an alert and presentable individual, with obsessive petty theft in their background, should be hired as a museum guard.

Party politics wastes time and money, and ATTRACTS THE WRONG PEOPLE. Governance requires rare competence, integrity and wisdom; here come the trees.