Thursday, 19 August 2010


I hear that, to get an A*, it is necessary to answer questions that require APPLICATION - above and beyond rote. Well that may be so. But if applying oneself, is just another pavlovian school-instilled conditioned-response to exams, out in the real world these super-intellectuals will regress to the mean, becoming one with our mean society.

If we must school our kids - and not have them end up as dumb as fish - let's school them in awareness, philosophy AND THE KNOWLEDGE THAT THE INSTITUTION OF SCHOOL CAN SERIOUSLY DAMAGE YOUR HEALTH. Perhaps that could be condensed to 'CONFORMITY IS FREEDOM' on an arched entry to all Academies, with the kids taught irony on day one?

If we can school without institutionalising, educate without indoctrinating, and instil wisdom before cleverness, I suggest many more viable adults will emerge, with a positive effect on all the measures of wellbeing in society, currently being tackled with tinkering.

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