Friday, 23 July 2010


We Brits are inclined to characterise other countries as dour, excitable etc. Well - it is becoming all too apparent that Britain - by virtue of her governance - is nationally (and internationally) PERVERSE. Shirley Bassey had a song for it.

Many before me, have pointed to the 'Sickness Service' that we call the NHS. That might sound accidental. But is it not true that we have a policy of LEAVING PEOPLE TO MAKE THEMSELVES ILL, AND THEN MAINTAINING THEM IN THEIR ILLNESS? Television - a cannula to the psyche - feeds poisonous 'norms' to all and sundry (termed 'entertainment') only breaking off to sell us what we neither need, should have, nor can afford. All this, our government does to gain tax-income which is then 'SPENT ON US' as largesse, much of it going into the 'Health Service'.

I don't think it gets much more PERVERSE than that. Killing Johnnie Foreigner, on a tenuous whim, is just a harmless pastime by comparison. And there's more.

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