Tuesday, 19 October 2010


"I came into politics to bring about: a better deal for children/women/minorities/world peace/small furry animals" etc. How often we hear such from our cipher rosette-stands. Never: "I came into politics with a sense of inadequacy that I hoped a position of power (if I ignored the rosette-vote) might help."

But what do the police say? "I have the right to remain silent" perhaps?
Do we know what motivates individual police? If we investigated - would we have a police-force left? Social workers? Military? Doctors? Nurses? 'Care workers'? ALL who directly impact on other humans, and their lives, from a position of power/influence?

So much of life we do not let into full consciousness. Those of us who have been put through the mangle of one of the 'controlling' institutions above (or in combination) have some idea of the unsuitability of many individual practitioners, and the distressing (minimum) consequences. (The voice of the falsely imprisoned, is another not heard.)

We have the tools, but we dare not finish the job. Only when politicians lose sleep over such issues might a change come. But, for that, we need a new breed of politician.

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