Thursday, 22 July 2010


Is Harpy-Phobia a hate crime yet?

I can never see the rationality in 'representative masses' - whatever the basis. The police are always trying to get more brown officers, but if a brown crime was going down, and they PICKED a brown bobby to send, surely that would be discrimination (no pun intended, but rather good eh?)

As for parliament, we have had two woman Home Secretaries, in succession. I admit one looked no stranger to violence, but does Kitten Shoes REALLY have any appreciation of Testosterone-fuelled VISCERAL violence?

I have bemoaned 'Toilet Door Syndrome' in gender-typing before. A bloke in a skirt is not a woman, neither are all the self-selected harpies who can ACTUALLY BREATHE in that fetid Chamber (pot). Women born to mothering and the gentle life, find the political ethos (as currently configured) anathema. And there's the clue. Governance should be by mature, competent individuals - any gender - who can subsume self for a better country/world. The exact opposite of what we have now.


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