Friday, 10 December 2010


'Interfaith Blair', is the bellwether. With his usual gut-instinct for maximum platform space and paid claptrap, he has positioned himself ACROSS ALL FAITHS. What a performer - what a performance!

But his adroitness serves to demonstrate the global disaster that is faith itself - any and all faith. All babies KNOW there is a higher power. As children it is reinforced (or not) in terms of deity. Maturity (as with Santa and the Tooth Fairy) SHOULD leave faith behind - BUT MANY DO NOT MATURE SUFFICIENTLY.

In the past, fighting THEM on religious grounds was in keeping with the general state of understanding - today it is incongruous. But our immaturity means that, instead of leaving dogma, ritual and SPECIAL STATUS behind, we get The Church of Dawkins - every bit as rabid and illogical as the rest.

Just as affluence is seen as the new 'pill' (deterring pregnancy) surely philosophy and wisdom would 'deliver us from servile' (to observance of every wretched kind). Until this is achieved, I declare the Dark Ages to be still in progress.

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