Sunday, 8 August 2010


The Westminster Monster, in its Royal Palace, is dug into the iconic Thames wall and underpinned by monarchy. Under its aegis, party politics thrive in an atmosphere of unconsidered acceptance by the public. "It is democracy, presided over by the Mother of Parliaments." Parties strive for maximum power - absolute power if possible. They will BUY power with any money they can gather, however dirty, and by any lie they can finance, and get away with. The watchdog agencies of Parliament, and wider Britain, ARE NOT CONCERNED with political lies - not a lot of people know that. I have made it my business to find out.

Westminster-compatible parties, SCREEN candidates for General Elections, then pass them to the constituencies for second-order selection. All candidates are, by inference, Westminster Creatures, even before being voted for, on party lines, by the punters. This ensures the monolithic nature of the Westminster Ethos, and secondary - even tertiary - 'loyalty' of MPs to their constituents. It explains why - to date, I have had no response FROM ANY PARTY or MP*, to my Conservative 'liar flyer' challenge (see above). Their silence is due to their first allegiance to WESTMINSTER and its utterly disgraceful continuance - to our detriment.

The above is what makes me so pessimistic about making any advance in the integrity of British governance. To approach an MP, is really to approach 'Westminster', and Westminster is a Monster that holds us collectively, and individually, IN CONTEMPT. We are tiresome ants.

* My local MP has openly mocked me. He knows he is backed by The Monster.

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  1. Hi, I'm responding to this comment, of yours (in reply to a comment of mine) left in 2010. I can now answer your question, I got 160 votes in 2011 as a Liberal Democrat candidate and 82 votes as an independent in 2012 (beating the Lib Dem candidate who got 73 votes).

    So the answer to your question as to how much of a vote is for the party is in this case that ~53% of votes are for the individual and ~47% for the party.