Tuesday, 11 August 2009


Westminster politics is a game. It is self-serving, self-perpetuating and well defended.

General elections only amount to musical chairs, but with no chairs removed. the game is unending.

In recent decades we have seen stupidity, waste and wanton acts, cost Britain dear in culture, status and cash. At election-time, rosette-stand ciphers parade the party 'favour' in a speciously personalised tout for votes, while the party machines empower them through obscenely expensive campaigns. The favour is, later, returned in the deeply undemocratic act of: 'taking the whip'.

It is constantly parroted that democracy is the least-bad system of
governance. Be that as it may, it does not validate what we have: the worst form of sham democracy.

While just one voter makes their mark in each constituency, Westminster will declare democracy alive and well; 'the people have spoken'; a mandate is conferred.

The key to this disgraceful sham is the party system. Party dogma is unhealthy, and inter-party juvenile behaviour consumes vast energy and money, whilst driving the shallow headline-grabbing ethos we are currently enduring. It also 'attracts its own' in terms of the typical Westminster denizen.

Britain is sick. She needs and deserves comprehensive, intensive-care, but for now, a sticking plaster will have to do. That plaster is: SPOIL PARTY GAMES. While Westminster is still reeling from scandal, such that the INDEPENDENT CANDIDATE looks more attractive to a vengeful mass of voters, I propose to push hard for a maximum return of independents at the next election. I invite all who see the sense in this to join me, and those who don't, to attempt to REASON me (no dogma please) to a different understanding.

A critical mass - it need not be large - of truly independent minds in Westminster, should be able to highlight the abject failure of that place. Only then might we build a 'least bad' democracy and begin to tackle Britain's ills.