Sunday, 1 August 2010


Let's not mess about pretending Nick just wants do bring the greatest good for the greatest number - Westminster has never been the place for that! No, he wants to be 'Topp' aka Prime Minister. But half his troops have left the field and will not return while their leader is a proven backslider. So Nick is stuck between a cockup and a lardface.

I have said consistently that Westminster is an integrity-free zone. Those departed LibDems who presumably have a clear concept of integrity, had nevertheless failed to realise that the Westminster Ethos is alien to such a 'flight of fancy'. If disaffected LibDems have cerebral capacity allied to their scruples, this rude awakening might just be the start of a move to SPOILPARTYGAMES.

So my suggestion to all you LibDems who are taking stock is: "The Westminster Ethos will only ever deliver iniquity. We need to source candidates, for our MPs, locally (a view voiced eloquently by A N Wilson on 'Any Questions') as a first step to the dismemberment of Westminster 'governance' and its feudal self-serving disgrace.

Parties demand first allegiance. Parties dilute representative government. Dig out a reluctant, competent, decent individual from your area at the next election, and SELL THE IDEA TO THE CONSTITUENTS. No lies, no gimmicks, no balloons - JUST INTEGRITY IN REPRESENTATION.

Nick - in his hour of neediness - might just have fixed it for YOU!

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