Tuesday, 4 May 2010

the voter is boss

You might almost think (ex MP) Matthew Parris is a product of Westminster! Yes, as he asserted recently, the voter IS boss - but only WITHIN THE LIE.

Even a battery hen has the choice of which leg to stand on while gestating the next GDP egg.

Parris has his take on our anger; he writes: "Change is the last thing the British people want". Well - full marks for a journalistic line Matthew, but I reckon a DRAMATIC REDUCTION IN HYPOCRISY would amount to 'change' - a change long overdue.

I seem to be alone in identifying the WESTMINSTER ETHOS (a time 'honoured', complex lie) as our enemy. But I hold the view that GENERAL ANGER comes from a public SENSE that we are being led by fools and knaves, plus a near-certainty WE CAN DO NOTHNG ABOUT IT.

To paraphrase 'Jesus': Parliament will only acquire integrity, when it comprises sufficient individuals who are prepared to 'LAY DOWN THEIR AMBITION FOR THEIR CONSTITUENTS'. While we can only vote for Westminster's 'creatures' (through the party filter) we will remain battery hens. Have you ever met a contented one?

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