Thursday, 16 December 2010


Across the world, and as far back as we can perceive, man has bombed his mind with a range of substances. Why? My best guess is that the mind of the Ape Confused by Language has just three dominant modes: BORED, IN PAIN, BOTH.

Being too clever for his own good, man always discovers one or more natural substances that interact with his brain chemistry, to alter its 'state' to CHEERFUL, ELEVATED or ASLEEP. He goes on to be a USER, DEPENDENT or ADDICT, with slow destruction of mind and body as the price to be paid.

In Britain we have deeply established, state-condoned (taxed) tobacco and alcohol, these two have 'opened the way' (culturally, psychologically and physically) for intake of a range of other substances. Cleverness has led on to synthetics.

Before ANY authority-figure pronounces on their pet initiative for tackling drug-use, which includes alcohol, THEY SHOULD DECLARE THEIR OWN STATUS. Few are 'clean'

The irony in all this is that having, and using, one's mind can be immeasurably rewarding, yet the higher faculties are the first to shut down under alcohol. (The Ape-drives being the last to flicker out, as unconsciousness descends.) I might just point out, the even greater irony of Islamic prohibition! (Blessed are the wine and cheese makers?)

So: if we try to tackle drug use, without first understanding WHY we cannot endure the mind we are stuck with, then we are as addicted to deckchair shuffling, as we are to 'substance use'. But then - virtually ALL politicians are users and, what is more, I have never seen one who wants to SUCCEED, so much as he wants to ANNOUNCE and MAKE SPEECHES, regardless of ultimate outcome.

When did Parliament last address the fundamental make-up, and drives, of The Ape Confused by Language?

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