Wednesday, 22 December 2010


I sometimes 'aphorise' that "Everyone has their price and I hope I am never offered mine". When we ARE offered 'our price', the nature of the transaction (goods/services/currency) can run the gamut. Broadly speaking, politicians such as Vince Cable, want to be 'somebody' - it was audibly apparent that his visitors fed that need. Mr Cable was 'bought'.

From the wider perspective: the cleverness of modern life has enabled a level of globally generated experience, for which we are ill prepared; the flesh (brain capacity) is willing, but the mind (competence) is weak. Indeed, we are still 'The Ape Confused by Language', who has further compounded his plight, by eschewing wisdom and dispensing with philosophy. Immaturity is endemic.

It is entirely possible that The Ape and 'Cerebral Civilian' (to go 'a bit Bunyan') ARE INCOMPATIBLE, and the conflict between the two will endure till one or both leaves the field. However, while the current situation prevails, is it not our immaturity, that allows tyrannies to arise?

How could a wise, philosophical society, ever come to elevate a Blair, Brown or Cameron (desperate, posturing POLITICIANS) to near-absolute power? Why would aware individuals allow PARTIES to pre-select their representatives; how could they, knowingly, vote for a rosette and accrue a (whipped) rosette-stand? Would a competent society, stand by and watch war used as a tool of peace, at the drop of a sound-bite?

Globally, The Ape Confused by Language is focused on the MECHANICS of DOING, having lost sight of the 'intangibles' of BEING. And the whole unholy mess is laved with religious incongruities and strife. I still 'amuse' myself, railing at it all, and testing my ingenuity in trying to see a way out. Well - it passes the time from uninvited birth to perversely delayed death.


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