Saturday, 17 April 2010


Today was the second Saturday that I have taken my archetypal 'Westminster Politician' to meet his constituents, in Newbury high-street (Northbrook Street). He was received with all the respect due to him.

You can see from the photo, that he amounts to a rosette, mounted on a spineles support (the Jelly Babies run all the way down). Both aspects speak of the MP being a 'creature' of the party, where Westmister Politics are concerned, and further, disinclined to support constituents locally, where that support would run foul of party-dogma or the leader.

Locally chosen, INDEPENDENT candidates, chosen for proven integrity, suffer none of these constraints. The Westminster ethos is ingrained, like dry-rot suffuses the masonry of a building. Refitting, will only lead to more rot. Westminster must be metaphorically 'demolished', and a STRUCTURE OF INTEGRITY, supesede it. The excerpt below (from 'Responsibilities of your MP') tells all:

"At times a constituent's demands may conflict with party policy and your MP will have to decide where their first loyalty should lie. " (Note the pejorative use of 'demands' and the laughable invocation of 'first loyalty'! They don't tell you about THAT on the hustings.)


  1. What a fine hat, and what fine weather you brought us all on Saturday, Mr Westminster Politician.

  2. Thanks Grace - the hat will always 'doff' for you. May all your good works prosper, regardless of the Westminster Folly.