Thursday, 26 August 2010


Those who aspire to govern us with instant 'Honour', see nothing wrong in accepting large (compromising) donations to amass 'war chests' with which to coerce the electorate into voting for their chosen faction.

No surprise then that notionally 'ethical' charities see no problem in paying high rewards to chuggers, who skilfully coerce ordinary citizens, caught ill-prepared in their high streets.

Corruption begets corruption. Nothing will change while the Westminster Ethos holds sway. It must be dismantled. Where to begin?


Thursday, 19 August 2010


I hear that, to get an A*, it is necessary to answer questions that require APPLICATION - above and beyond rote. Well that may be so. But if applying oneself, is just another pavlovian school-instilled conditioned-response to exams, out in the real world these super-intellectuals will regress to the mean, becoming one with our mean society.

If we must school our kids - and not have them end up as dumb as fish - let's school them in awareness, philosophy AND THE KNOWLEDGE THAT THE INSTITUTION OF SCHOOL CAN SERIOUSLY DAMAGE YOUR HEALTH. Perhaps that could be condensed to 'CONFORMITY IS FREEDOM' on an arched entry to all Academies, with the kids taught irony on day one?

If we can school without institutionalising, educate without indoctrinating, and instil wisdom before cleverness, I suggest many more viable adults will emerge, with a positive effect on all the measures of wellbeing in society, currently being tackled with tinkering.

Sunday, 8 August 2010


The Westminster Monster, in its Royal Palace, is dug into the iconic Thames wall and underpinned by monarchy. Under its aegis, party politics thrive in an atmosphere of unconsidered acceptance by the public. "It is democracy, presided over by the Mother of Parliaments." Parties strive for maximum power - absolute power if possible. They will BUY power with any money they can gather, however dirty, and by any lie they can finance, and get away with. The watchdog agencies of Parliament, and wider Britain, ARE NOT CONCERNED with political lies - not a lot of people know that. I have made it my business to find out.

Westminster-compatible parties, SCREEN candidates for General Elections, then pass them to the constituencies for second-order selection. All candidates are, by inference, Westminster Creatures, even before being voted for, on party lines, by the punters. This ensures the monolithic nature of the Westminster Ethos, and secondary - even tertiary - 'loyalty' of MPs to their constituents. It explains why - to date, I have had no response FROM ANY PARTY or MP*, to my Conservative 'liar flyer' challenge (see above). Their silence is due to their first allegiance to WESTMINSTER and its utterly disgraceful continuance - to our detriment.

The above is what makes me so pessimistic about making any advance in the integrity of British governance. To approach an MP, is really to approach 'Westminster', and Westminster is a Monster that holds us collectively, and individually, IN CONTEMPT. We are tiresome ants.

* My local MP has openly mocked me. He knows he is backed by The Monster.

Sunday, 1 August 2010


Chilcot - a cold wind wraps Great Britain’s heart
Her archetypal refuge - cold as death.
He broke the last taboo for ego’s gain
In self-aggrandisement stole other’s breath.

And such is our disgrace, none barred his way
Save one whose easy Honour was upheld.
The rest in ignominy bowed his will
Outside: a million, impotent, repelled.

No darker hour this nation ever faced
Invaded by deceit and structured lie.
At unmet need all goodness from him fled;
Where moral vacuum lives, the righteous die.

In his defence he knew we must attack.
He said: “Doubt me, but don’t doubt my belief”.
And so we joined America in war
Once more, to Arab lands, we would bring grief.

Lord Chilcot has a way with stable doors:
One to be closed, indeed, seen to be so.
When he has done, no stone will be unturned
The truth ground wondrous small, and all on show.

But shall we be the wiser for that ‘turn’?
Such fine grained truth can be a lot like sand.
Time-jaded minds may reach - but poorly grasp
As all his fell misdeeds slip through our hands.

Then, as we watch him strut in Global state
In self-deluded opulence quite chuffed
We shall attend to his unending war
And know that – verily – we have been stuffed.


Let's not mess about pretending Nick just wants do bring the greatest good for the greatest number - Westminster has never been the place for that! No, he wants to be 'Topp' aka Prime Minister. But half his troops have left the field and will not return while their leader is a proven backslider. So Nick is stuck between a cockup and a lardface.

I have said consistently that Westminster is an integrity-free zone. Those departed LibDems who presumably have a clear concept of integrity, had nevertheless failed to realise that the Westminster Ethos is alien to such a 'flight of fancy'. If disaffected LibDems have cerebral capacity allied to their scruples, this rude awakening might just be the start of a move to SPOILPARTYGAMES.

So my suggestion to all you LibDems who are taking stock is: "The Westminster Ethos will only ever deliver iniquity. We need to source candidates, for our MPs, locally (a view voiced eloquently by A N Wilson on 'Any Questions') as a first step to the dismemberment of Westminster 'governance' and its feudal self-serving disgrace.

Parties demand first allegiance. Parties dilute representative government. Dig out a reluctant, competent, decent individual from your area at the next election, and SELL THE IDEA TO THE CONSTITUENTS. No lies, no gimmicks, no balloons - JUST INTEGRITY IN REPRESENTATION.

Nick - in his hour of neediness - might just have fixed it for YOU!