Thursday, 27 May 2010


This morning I found a slug 'having a snail for breakfast' and I was immediately reminded of the Con/Dem 'coalition'. I leave you to decide just which of the pair is Dave and which one Nick.


Iain Duncan Smith, second only to Tony 'Mars' Blair, as a 'Bringer of War', is the leading 'light' at the Centre for Social Justice - and he believes he is tackling the corrosive effects of welfare on the borderline workshy.

Meanwhile government intends to tinker with the mainstay of British life (pleasure, pain, crime, degradation, health) i.e. ALCOHOL, by adjusting the price. More for the brewers - more tax take.

Never was the truth more stark, that you need NO HUMAN MANAGEMENT SKILLS TO MANAGE BRITAIN. Any fool should see: our problems are CULTURAL. British culture is 50% warp (the word speaks for itself) and 50% alcoholic weft, woven tightly together. None of our nonentity ninnies, signed up to the Big Westminster Lie, have either competence or motivation to unpick this mess.

Perhaps MPs should get performance-related-pay? But we would have to define 'performance' carefully, or Tony would be demanding back-money!

Oh - it's all going awfully well.


Tuesday, 25 May 2010


Some decades ago, when Members of Parliament all spoke in their own, affected way, with a sort of resonant boom, they made the term ‘appalled’ their own – it now fits so well with their routine comforter: ‘HONOURABLE’.

Among the many recent suggestions of how to move Parliament forward, the eschewal of ‘honourable’ has been mooted, but to my mind, nothing short of replacing it with the prefix ‘dishonourable’, will suffice. I have good reason.

Having stood as the SPOIL PARTY GAMES candidate in May 2005, I resolved, this year, to simply function as agent provocateur in an attempt to awaken the voters to their true plight. I never thought that, by the end of the campaign, the Conservatives would have DELIVERED TO MY DOOR, the proof of their totally relaxed attitude to corruption.

On May 5th, the eve of polling, I received two communications, delivered simultaneously. One was complaining about the lies of the LibDem camp, and the other was offering a Tory lie – presumable of a better class! It read, in heavy capitals: “THE CONSERVATIVES MUST WIN HERE TO STOP ANOTHER 5 YEARS OF GORDON BROWN”.

Well – hindsight is a wonderful thing, but even looked at before the event, this declaration walked and quacked like a lie, to me. And I am unable to find anyone who will support it as embodying any intrinsic truth – even my MP, who distributed it (he is just silent).

So I have set myself the task of discovering just how deep rooted in ‘electoral ethics’, the ‘political lie’ is. None of the agencies concerned with standards – from IPSA all the way to the Advertising Standards Authority, wants anything to do with truth – well, not when absent upon a politicians lips. The only truly tangible suggestion was from the local Returning Officer who effectively said: “Complain to the Police – if you’re hard enough’. Should it really come to this?

I am calling on all my ingenuity to have this lie nailed – preferably to the CV of the ‘honourable member’ who approved it. Weep Britain.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

the voter is boss

You might almost think (ex MP) Matthew Parris is a product of Westminster! Yes, as he asserted recently, the voter IS boss - but only WITHIN THE LIE.

Even a battery hen has the choice of which leg to stand on while gestating the next GDP egg.

Parris has his take on our anger; he writes: "Change is the last thing the British people want". Well - full marks for a journalistic line Matthew, but I reckon a DRAMATIC REDUCTION IN HYPOCRISY would amount to 'change' - a change long overdue.

I seem to be alone in identifying the WESTMINSTER ETHOS (a time 'honoured', complex lie) as our enemy. But I hold the view that GENERAL ANGER comes from a public SENSE that we are being led by fools and knaves, plus a near-certainty WE CAN DO NOTHNG ABOUT IT.

To paraphrase 'Jesus': Parliament will only acquire integrity, when it comprises sufficient individuals who are prepared to 'LAY DOWN THEIR AMBITION FOR THEIR CONSTITUENTS'. While we can only vote for Westminster's 'creatures' (through the party filter) we will remain battery hens. Have you ever met a contented one?


As the wannabe frenzy of Clegg/Brown/Cameron rises to a shriek, it is surely obvious that they are of the SAME ILK?

POLICIES are shuffled, highlighted, sidelined, mutated or forgotten, ALL IN THE INTEREST OF GAINING POWER, or in response to the latest change in direction of some political breeze. What remains constant, is the RAW AMBITION OF THE GREAT LEADER and the pathetic, slavish support of the dazzled, unthinking acolytes.

This system gave us Anthony Blair (look at him now) and 'The Quite Man' IDS (who is VERY quiet about the war he granted Tony). LOOK AT THEIR PERSONALITIES! Policies come and go. A bad policy dies - ultimately, a leader with a flawed personality, just comes up with another daft scheme, while deviously holding on to power.

Yet ALL THREE will tell you to judge on policies (while acting like prima donnas). That is the Westminster Creature, operating within the Westminster Lie. Only 'clean skins' (locally chosen independents) returned to Parliament can ever make a difference. (Not even Young Nick.)


Saturday, 1 May 2010


Some years back, a TV program called 'The Right Stuff' investigated the 'fighter-pilot' mentality, as being unsuitable for airliners, in a crisis.

Westminster Party Politics elevates 'fighter pilot' personalities: cool under fire, focused, quick to react etc. and just look what we get - it isn't democratic governance.

Back to the airliner. With hundreds of passengers at risk, the HERO is alone, in his head, being heroic, detached from any useful input from those around him. All too often the plane did not survive.

While parties pre-select the people WE get to vote for, we will only have a choice within THE WRONG STUFF. People are BEGUILED by the wrong stuff, and then WE CRASH - AGAIN.

We have to find A WAY ROUND the continuing Westminster Ethos. We need a governing body made up of dedicated, selfless, competent individuals of INTEGRITY i.e. the right stuff of DEMOCRATIC GOVERNANCE. Charismatic, orating fighter pilots, will get us all killed. But they will feel GREAT!

Brown is stoic at the controls. Heroic as he spirals down, defiantly emptying his guns on his way to stupid oblivion. So much better if he were able to bail out, and admit he is THE WRONG STUFF.

In passing: IDS was the wrong stuff - we still have a war to prove it.