Saturday, 1 January 2011


When they say anything at all, that has the ring of truth about it, politicians are often found saying: "I came into politics to make a difference". Personally, I hold the view that (like Bluebottle in the Goon Show) they 'WANT TO BE THE MAN' that makes a difference; they want a LEGACY and they want their name on it. This boils down to an ambition to wield power over others, for personal aggrandisement. Hence my coinage: "Politics is the art of self deceit, wrapped in the craft of deceiving others, for their own good."

In so many ways, the politician is identical to the con-man; do con-men, also, fool themselves that they are ACTUALLY honourable? What with constituency work, the party whip, and ambition to high office, all potentially at odds, the politician has little room for integrity. And now that so many are actually TRAINED to do politics, AS AN END IN ITSELF, the small matter of competence in the various offices of state, is eclipsed. So painfully self evident in recent times!

Why do Westminster MPs presume to call themselves 'HONOURABLE'? It smacks of insecurity to me. I suppose it belongs to the world of 'HIS GRACE' and 'THE VENERABLE', but are MPs not COMMONERS? Are they not supposed to be one with US? Whence comes their elevation? When the Cold War chilled us, the USSR would preface their being with 'THE PEACE LOVING PEOPLES OF', even as their menacing parades of armaments, trundled through Red Square. They too were insecure. We need a higher calibre of MP to run our lives.

When the 'COALITION OF DAVE’S SHILLING' (that Nick 'took', while being bought) finally collapses under it's own weight of infamy, let's try to see a few changes made at the next General Election. We must demand a box on the voting paper that says: 'A PLAGUE ON ALL YOUR HOUSES, AND ESPECIALLY WESTMINSTER' - I am a free agent, I WILL be counted’. We need an atmosphere of ROSETTE DENIGRATION and promotion of the INTEGRITY OF THE INDEPENDENT CANDIDATE (as urged by Martin Bell). If we are to break free from the oppressive hold that THE WESTMINSTER CITADEL exerts over us, I can see no better place to start than to: SPOILPARTYGAMES.

Good luck England.

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  1. I do not like thee, Mr Clegg:
    though for our votes you seemed to Beg,
    you've proved to be a rotten egg.
    I do not like thee, Mr Clegg.

    The moving finger marks a cross,
    yet leaves us with the same old dross:
    the “Man Who Would Change Politics”
    but now the Tory rectum licks.

    I do not love thee, Cleggy boy:
    your Promises were just a ploy.
    Your smug two faces now annoy -
    I do not love thee Cleggy boy.

    You lied and lie to all of us,
    but to yourself lie even more.
    You now seem one more Tory toff -
    we wish that you would just “cough cough”!

    Sasha Clarkson (loosely after Tom Brown),
    January 2011.