Friday, 21 October 2011


My continuing quest for integrity. A careful analysis if the 2010 Conservative Flyer (below)

“ELECTION COMMUNICATION FOR NEWBURY” (1) Printed at top right-hand corner of the Flyer)

“A HUNG PARLIAMENT WOULD MEAN 5 MORE YEARS OF GORDON BROWN” (2) Printed in large, red upper-case, at the top of the flyer.

The Flyer also carries on it (in tiny grey print) “Promoted by David Holtby on behalf of Richard Benyon (3), both of West Berkshire Conservative (4) Association, 6 Cheap Street, Newbury Berkshire. RG14 5DD”

A little over half way down, in bold black print:
“The Conservatives must win here (5) to stop another 5 years of Gordon Brown.”

Couple 1 with 5 and it is clear that ‘here’ means Newbury.
Couple 3 with 4 and it is clear that Richard Benyon is the Conservative candidate.
There can then be only one interpretation of the entire flyer: It is necessary to vote for Richard Benyon, in Newbury to prevent 5 more years of Gordon Brown (as British Prime Minister). The message of (2) is reinforcing, to the effect that only an OVERALL MAJORITY will keep bogey-man Brown from 5 more years in No 10.

These claims, concocted by person(s) unknown, were distributed by Mr Benyon, after Parliament had been prorogued for the 2010 General Election - hence while a private citizen. Mr Benyon could only have had one motive i.e. to apply influence to voting preference in Newbury; to his personal advantage.

The inferences are intriguing . . .

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