Wednesday, 16 November 2011


Yesterday, the media applauded a wonderfully subtle piece of curative technology.
A young boy had a severely damaged liver, that could not cope with the waste from his living body; he was sure to die. Healthy liver cells, from a donor, were encapsulated in a micro-porous film, and injected. The pores in the film were of a size to allow detoxifying through-flow, via the liver cells, but prevented large defender-cells destroying those cells.

In summary: artificially engineered and sustained spheres of stasis, took strain off the boys body, while its liver recovered.

I suggest that ‘closed loops of industry’, ARTIFICIALLY CREATED, comprising –say - (1) manufacturing, (2) deconstructing and (3) reclamation-as-feedstock, could be set up to provide real employment of a wide variety of individuals. Yes – digging holes and filling them in again! Such enterprise would have no on-going impact on our economy, except to change the young from paid-jobless, to paid-employed. I assert this takes some sociological strain off the country, and recovery is thereby subtly enabled.

All current 'prizes' such as energy efficiency, elegance of design, built-in recycle factors, minimised waste etc would be the credo of Circles of Stasis. I commend the underlying principles to the nation.

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