Friday, 25 February 2011


It is so glaringly simple - and obvious. Under the amoral Westminster Ethos (that so recently caught a banking cold) we are second in the world for KMD (Kill Maim Destroy) weaponry. Out of the profits, we self-aggrandisingly pay away 0.7% in aid. Bomb here - aid there; it's the Christian way. In short, we are not only hypocritical, we are venal and we are corrupt. And that is before Breakfast, before Lunch and before Tea. You would think that 'physically sick Dave' would be putting his own house in order, before prancing round the world, flogging lethal 'defence weapons' while dispensing home-SPUN righteousness.

When oh when will we stop GETTING OURSELVES ALWAYS ANOTHER ONE and start facing up to our INCREDIBLE presence in the world? We are a disgrace; a mockery; a joke. We could be so much more, but just like the Libyans, the Egyptians, the Tunisians etc, we are under the thumb of Westminster and its spawn: a sequence of deluded, manipulative, exploitative DICTATORS.

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