Friday, 9 September 2011


HomSap ('intended' for harsher times) is born with a phenomenal computing power and no idea of what is going on. He 'advances' by OVERWRITING unconducive notions, NEVER ERASING; driven by a frenzied NEED to gain CONTROL (power) over body, environment and OTHERS. The poor fool samples his surroundings as a model to strive towards. This gives us mostly dysfunctional individuals. Maturity is, for the majority, an impossible goal. The way that our 'culture' is now configured (perverse) it manifestly mediates AGAINST maturing.

Those who cannot damp down the infant drive to control, become infantile politicians and those who realise they will never control anything - rioters.

Dave and Nick are both in the grip of deep, infantile need. They will snatch toys, poke eyes and bite until they (fail to) get what they (are convinced) they must have.

Those who brought about the perverse events of 9/11, are of similar ilk, and similarly demon-driven.

It (The Age of Perversity) will end in tears.

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