Sunday, 27 February 2011


A drug Tsar, in Reading (Berkshire) once said to me: "We have no drug problem - only a people problem - people whose lives are so wretched they escape to drugs."

I echo: "We have no money problem - only a people problem - people who, though higher up the scale, yet have lives so wretched (well disguised) that they escape into delusional manipulation of their fellow, for personal gain.

The common factor is that both are addicted and both need, always, 'another hit'.

The greater pool of trend-setter humanity (our lot) is on a downward path of immaturity. Political leaders are drawn from the most needy (driven) of this pool. Such people are brilliant at the 'animal arts' but no bloody use at wisdom, honour, integrity etc; and the last thing they master is SELF KNOWLEDGE.

Therein lies the global problem. You can apply monetary manoeuvres, and growth stimuli, till the sky falls, but with declining social competence in both leaders and universally suffered (sic) voters, the result will inevitably be failure, regardless.

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