Wednesday, 20 April 2011


During the (apparently) long periods of planetary harshness, ingenuity might well have been vital to human survival; but in the short periods of quiescence and ease, there seems not enough time to redesign (evolve) before the next ice-age or cataclysm arrives. Thus, the current period of easy-living has allowed ingenuity to turn to unnecessary pursuits that rush to perversity. (By analogy: it is believed that our immune system, robbed of its constant struggle with ancient internal foes (parasites etc) by that same ingenuity, is turning upon our bodily infrastructure, causing pernicious ‘auto-immune’ misery to burgeon.)

Wisdom – an increasingly scarce attribute of mankind – surely dictates that we should only espouse novelty (inventiveness) after a prolonged circumspection. Again – the opposite prevails. Modern man not only seeks, and deploys, everything new – junking the ‘old’ – he actually lauds the process as innovation and growth, and proceeds in haste.

It would appear that in ‘primitive’ (sustainable) societies, the new, was often taboo. Perhaps intuition is another attribute lost in recent times?


As the Oyster yields a pearl
man invents.
Neither realises their fecundity
is rooted in irritation:
of one - the body
of the other - the mind.
Man kills the oyster
for its pearl.
And kills his own World
for that eureka moment of invention

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