Thursday, 13 October 2011


APE CALL (A Pragmatic Evaluation of ‘care’ of the old.)

In the past, I have asserted that the courtroom is a place where Cerebral Man purports to judge the works of Animal Man (The Ape Confused by Language addressing - all unaware – the doings of his Ape.) The result can never be Justice.

Recently, there is a media storm regarding the neglect of old people with stroke, dementia, or similar. Media delivers harrowing tales from the ingenuous, weasel dedication from politicians, righteous indignation from programme presenters, and measured platitudes from the ‘Care Quality Commission’ and its ilk.

No one sees the ‘Ape in the room’.

By my painfully informed judgement (watched my brother ‘stored to death’ over 8 months) badly damaged old people, register in the mind of many UNRELATED medical-and-allied workers, AT AN ANIMAL LEVEL. By this I mean that the fit-and-well animals, required by high-minded edict to CARE, readily and unthinkingly reject those animals (non-persons) who will ‘contribute nothing more’, till the day they die.

And this is where some honest pragmatism would help; indeed, where it MUST be applied, if Hell on Earth is not to be the lot of an ever-increasing number – possibly including me!

Basic tenets:

1) As all conception is achieved WITHOUT CONSENT OF THE CONCEIVED, and with very little constraint from anyone else, DEATH ON DEMAND is a de facto right of every living being. One might even say it is a right WITH INTEREST DUE (or a fine?) i.e. more than a right: a HEAVY OBLIGATION on society.

2) Just as with court proceedings, referred to above, it is high time we acknowledged our dominant Ape. We must respect the Ape, in terms of its justifiable reaction to the detritus of life. (The first eulogy to sides of beef, hanging in a cold store, has yet to be written) NO ONE should be surprised when semi-vacated, vehicle-bodies, do not elicit a reflex of respect from the Ape.

3) Clever medical science has driven the vehicle-body, and its dependent mind, way beyond its span of viability. Blind fascination with that cleverness, lauds this madness; wisdom, had it not atrophied, would be in despair.

4) Mankind is probably too juvenile, throughout his span, individually and collectively, ever to correct the above. We have the knowledge and the ability – but not, in the current idiom, the will. . .

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