Thursday, 20 January 2011


I close my eyes to send away the mayhem in the streets
But the flame seeps through and flickers; all my defence, defeats.
The rioters sweep back and forth, throughout this English town
Where we stood at bay, in Hitler’s day: now forty shades of brown.

Our politicians hold the view that working men are mules
They have multicultured us, deciding THEY are worth OUR tools.
Our jobs all went to immigrants but now they wear a frown
And unrest is seen, on the village green, in forty shades of brown.

I wish that I could see why politicians are so dumb
What led them to believe it was OK for all to come.
As 'citizens' we school them, to recognise the Crown
But I'll wager She, was unprepared as me, for forty shades of brown.

All together now . . .

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