Thursday, 1 December 2011


Nor do you count the suffering of the people whose lives you trample on, saying 'WHO CARES', so long as you can sit at the Globopoly table flaunting GDP, nukes, global military reach, and 0.7% aid. But such is the 'emplacement' of 'born-to-rule' heads, they have not yet realised that ALL THAT IS GONE. We are STILL getting 'governance as usual'. Dave still steps up to the camera to tell Iran how to behave, and Nick to explain the Great Triumph (more likely a Libber Daemmerung) coming to a ‘party’ near him, in a notional 3.5 years time.

In the dim distant future, will these islands be remembered, in legend, for their race of clowns and losers, whose heads . . . (see above) and whose feet pointed in all directions - hence going nowhere?

In passing: "Who Cares Wins" is the title of a new book addressing commercial practice. In Westminster, of course, it is just: "Who Cares" - a motto for Dave, to rank with "Ich Dien"!

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  1. "Libberdämmerung" Priceless - I shall be plagiarising that phrase, whilst looking forward to their electoral immolation! :-)