Wednesday, 2 February 2011


(Britain has been declared No 26 democracy.)

Intelligence sources (sorry - can't tell you) say, in extensive, detailed and authoritative terms, that Terror has smuggled radioactive material into Britain, and is planning a number of dirty bombs.

We go to Sparkling Crimson alert, aka 'TERRIFYING', and Cobra meets under the stairs at No 10. IDS says he has seen the future and we should all believe Cameron - Nick says: "I agree with Dave."

Parliament is suspended and a Terror Cabinet rules by edict. Troops on the streets (the fat and useless ones who don't fight). Young men react to authority in the only way they know. Then, to quote Jaunty: "the ring leaders now start to get snatched for a few months of police 'questioning'".

This is not a joke - repeat: this is not a joke. Just remember Dave gets 'physically sick when prisoners vote'. He starts from a highish state of right/wrong arousal, wouldn't you say? (They are the ones you have to watch.)

Today Egypt . . .

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