Wednesday, 7 December 2011


My concern is fraud, deliberately configured to benefit - primarily - an ordinary citizen; vis: deception of the general public (numbered in thousands) to gain employment, and/or advancement of personal status and influence.

The above-described, pertains when an erstwhile MP is returned to normal citizenship, at prorogation of Parliament, and stands for re-election using printed material, comprising unequivocal falsehoods, delivered to private homes, in an attempt to gain advantage.

To date, ‘wider governance’ has (constructively?) hidden in ‘the fog of Election Law', to avoid addressing an unequivocal document of fraudulent claims, held by me. They (government officials, departments and individuals) leap to the convenient conclusion that, because the employment sought by the individual in question is: ‘Westminster MP’, and the fraudulent document originates from a political party, it is a ‘political matter’.

I put it to you that the FUNDAMENTAL situation is one of personal (individual) advancement, knowingly enacted by fraudulent means (deception) and I look to you for interaction with me in the matter.

Please DO NOT engage, if integrity is absent (silence speaks just as loudly) that is: if the intent is to disengage by stealth. I apologise if that seems rude, but I have had 18 months of such, from those self-termed ‘honourable’, and have drawn inevitable conclusions.

Fortunately , I have 3.5 years more of this Parliament to ‘make my point stick’.

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