Tuesday, 6 September 2011


I am getting grief from Newbury's MP, Richard Benyon. He asserts I am irrational. He asserts the statements in the flyer below (delivered to me 5th May 2010) are true. I say the ones concerning Gordon Brown are false. Can you read them as true?

The same generic Liar Flyer was delivered to the blameless folk of Cheltenham. It can be viewed at 'Electionleaflets.org. BUT: whereas, in Newbury, the Conservative retained his seat (i.e. he 'won') in Cheltenham, the LibDem retained his seat. THE CONSERVATIVES LOST - WE GOT A HUNG PARLIAMENT. But Gordon Brown did not return. A DOUBLE WHAMMY!

So were the assertions in the Liar Flyer true - by any stretch of an irrational MP's imagination?
Or are we looking at a 'False Instrument' as described in the 'Representation of the People Act 1983 section 115'? And are those sitting MPs who employed it to apply 'undue influence' to the voter mind, guilty of MISCONDUCT IN PUBLIC OFFICE?

Do let me know. If you can prove the assertions true, please 'SHOW YOUR WORKING' as exam papers used to say.

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