Saturday, 12 February 2011


She drives us into school for a maximum of our tender, formative years, such that we emerge immature and institutionalised. Then she turns her back, mumbling something about 'Big Society'.

Nanny could not care less that SMALL PEOPLE DON'T BUILD BIG ANYTHING.

We have had many generations of schooling by state-edict (i.e. 'because Nanny says so'). We now start the poor mites at two, such that school should be re-named 'FOLLOW-ON FORMULA'. By the time they leave, their primary skill is 'school' - i.e. they are INSTITUTIONALISED. And because we ALL go through the same ticky-tacky sausage machine, we all come out 'just the same', and UNABLE TO SEE WHAT HAS BEEN DONE TO US (except those destined for eccentricity, dysfunction - or prison).

The Nanny State is, de facto, fundamental to the school-based society. Now we must suffer the (oh so Westminster) subterfuge of being 'set free' - but only after legs, back and mind have been broken. (Remember what Geoffrey Howe said to Maggie?)

Nanny has not been dismissed; she has not gone anywhere. Her finest achievement has been to become barely perceptible. We have come to accept schooling, in place of maturing (parenting) - just as Winston came to love Big Brother.

If you find a hint of humour in the above - I have failed.

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