Monday, 10 January 2011


Once Grandma added an egg - now granddaughter adds alcohol.
And The Straw Man, is The Schumacher of Westminster (lighting reflexes to change direction).

In our version of Ancient Rome, we have certain given 'goods' that we no longer perceive for what they are. Adversarialism (law and politics), institutionalised learning (school), imaginary money, psychological advertising, and alcohol. My list in not exhaustive.)

Alcohol is the weft of a warped society. Ladettes are marinated in its poisonous molecule, yielding the 'Easy Meat' of the Straw Man's calculated utterance. But has alcohol been mentioned, in the recent furore? ALL MY LIFE, white, indigenous males have plied, the object of their lust with alcohol, as a 'means to an end'.

Alcohol fuels, lubricates, uplift, brings down and destroy all aspects of British 'culture', from birth to funeral. The founder of our state religion turned the WATER OF LIFE into WINE. Wine is characterised by the ALCOHOL OF DEATH. It seems our God approves this union; 'LET NO MAN PUT ASUNDER'.

Only the wisdom to inspect our 'false goods', can prevent the fall of our Rome.

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