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27 October 2010

Dear Lynsay

I am bowled over by such an open, candid response. Since I began my quest for respect from British ‘democracy’, I have almost exclusively met with dismissal and contempt. Thank you.

I recognise your constrained situation (I suspect political interference by ‘back-channels’) hence, I write simply to inform – should anyone wish to be informed. In what follows, please read ‘Westminster’ as meaning ‘Political Power’ in this country, as defined by this, personal observation: “POLITICS IS THE ART OF SELF-DECEPTION, WRAPPED IN THE CRAFT OF DECEIVING OTHERS, FOR ‘THEIR OWN GOOD’.”

Also: I accept, entirely, that you feel you cannot comment on the content of the ‘Liar Flyer’, but please find attached a careful analysis of its ‘status’ vis-a-vis ‘political communication’. I hold the view it may be better defined as a coercive falsehood, from one ordinary citizen to another, with a measure of denigration of a third. (NB – when Parliament is not sitting, MPs relinquish political status.

I am puzzled that, in explaining why you do not constrain the lies of political parties, you seem unaware that they are, in any case, comprised of ‘Scotch Mist’ – they have no legal incorporation, no potentially culpable officer (as, e.g. Co Secretary to a Limited Company). This is quintessentially typical of the subtle defences of Westminster chicanery; they go far wider.

If there is any part of Britain that desperately needs diligent oversight, it is Westminster. Westminster is a tyranny, a law unto itself (we have wars to prove the point) that uses the party-system to screen incoming MPs for ‘Westminster Creature’ qualities, such that its collective mind, is alien to the needs and aspirations of ‘we the people’. I have found not one keen mind who will declare the Liar Flyer: “legal”, “decent”, “honest” or “truthful”. Yet in almost 18 months of challenge, I have found only ONE (maverick) MP to confirm its lying status, and had silence, obfuscation, misdirection and contempt from a range of official offices and other MPs. (As yet I have found NO redress.)

The above is a deeply perverse situation for a country that purports democracy, under the rule of law, and which sees fit to bomb others into our disgraceful state, on the whim of any Prime Minister so moved..

If this email disturbs only one synapse, in one mind, in the ASA, something good has accrued.

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