Friday, 25 January 2013


1/ Any MP-aspirant must have made proper representations to the local Acting returning officer and paid over a deposit. The aspirant is then a bona-fide candidate. 2/ The ultimate, de facto, ‘selection panel’ for the post of MP (ignoring, for purposes of this synthesis, any pre-selection,) is comprised of registered voters. But voters do not hire-directly, control, pay or dismiss, by statute, the MP they have approved, and installed, with their votes. 4/ No MP, once installed, has any duty, based in law, to serve, or even acknowledge, any voter. MP allegiance is to monarchy alone, thereafter, to personal whim. 5/ No person or body qualifies, in law, as an MP’s employer. No definable employer answers for any crimes, committed in the name of their employment, by an employee-MP. 6/ An aspirant MP may break election law, employing ‘Undue Influence’ (co-actually making fraudulent application for remunerated employment) and be answerable to no one. They say “money talks”. If I present IPSA with hard evidence that certain MPs who are being paid by IPSA, seeming to have improperly influenced voting in 2010, currently ‘sit’, shall you feel obliged to talk to me?

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