Monday, 30 July 2012


West Berkshire Council                                                               
Market Street                                                                                 Recorded delivery.
RG14 2LD
Cllr. Graham Jones                                                                    

30 July 2012

Dear Councillor Jones


This letter is sent in the spirit of David Cameron’s recent, multiple appeals, for a higher Standard of Morality. As with tax-avoidance, devious vote-accrual can be successfully engaged-in, if those who could make it their business to impose moral constraint, hide in the ‘quasi-letter’ of the law. I hope that you will honour David Cameron’s lead, and apply the highest standards of morality when engaging with the matter below.

In 2010, when I received the attached flyer, I could find no way to read its assertions as true. I was (and am still) in no doubt that the lies were intended to induce me to vote for Richard Benyon. (I immediately made him aware.) This inducement, I deemed to be unlawful: “Representation of The People Act 1983 (115)” – UNDUE INFLUENCE.

I made representation to the Acting Returning Officer of West Berkshire Council (D Holling) fully expecting a solicitous reaction, but he simply moved me on – as did a string of other, questionably disinterested, individuals. Over 26 months of effort, I have found no part of governance with sufficient moral mettle to engage. But David Cameron’s new thrust, now, must surely change all that? As it was WBC’s Acting Returning Officer who regulated the 2010 election, in which the offending flyer was distributed in Newbury, and delivered to me, I make first appeal to you.

Please read the attached flyer facsimile with care. Then, either: 1) show, precisely, how it could ever have been true – in the everyday (moral) sense of ‘true’ – having regard to all the uncontrollable variables pertaining at the time; or 2) acknowledge it as a multiple lie, and tell me what ethical course you will now take. Please set aside considerations of law, and attend to morality; law has not served well, to date. In keeping with David Cameron’s stance on tax-avoidance, a higher standard of conduct is also called for here.

As Mr Cameron, himself, declared in 2010: “We can’t go on like this”.

Yours sincerely

Barrie Singleton
4 River Walk Newbury RG14 5LD

PS If the internet data, re your position, is out of date, please forward appropriately.

Cc: Newbury Weekly News

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