Monday, 4 February 2013


Underneath the “Gay Marriage” distraction, lies the well-spring of “The Age of Perversity” whose primary evil is the devaluation of motherhood.
Secondary to this, is assertion of equality of bottle with breast, followed by superiority of crèche to birth-mother. Then comes tender-age ‘schooling’ (a defensive strategy for fish) and institutional schooling, with an end-age of 18 mooted; cutting no slack for the overwhelming transition of puberty. Thereafter, in this perverse age, all emphasis is on material and mechanical status and gain, rewarded with money of imaginary value. Emergence of whole, mature adults, is not valued. Indeed, there is a growing suspicion governments prefers ineptitude.

From this dark mycelium, the ‘fruiting body’ of Gay Marriage thrusts itself into the light, and our opportunist governing aberrants declare, godlike, that “it is good”. But it is a side-show.

Core stability (conservative culture) has been lost to post-industrial Homo Sapiens; to wed or not to wed – that is a very long way from “The Question”. When culture denies Nature, society can only decline.

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